The BEST Buffalo Chicken Wings

The BEST Buffalo Chicken Wings


  • 2.5  pound(s)  chicken wings or "drumettes"
  • 1/2  c  crystal cayenne sauce or a Louisiana hotsauce
  • 1/3  c  melted butter


I like to pan fry the wings, but you could bake the wings 1 hour at 425 degrees F or deep-fry about 12 minutes. Remember when you pan fry to make sure and drain all liquid when done frying. Add sauce and butter, then simmer and turn all peaces to coat.... let the sauce and wings simmer uncovered on low heat a few minutes and then turn off heat... sauce will thicken in a minute or two and you may want to coat the wings in it. I serve the wings traditionally with a good blue cheese salad dressing for dipping the wings in and garnish with strips of celery...

Joe Plouff, Lodi, CA

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