Romley Camping Burger

Romley Camping Burger


  • hamburger
  • carrot sticks
  • potatoes, thinly sliced
  • purple onion (optional)
  • butter


Once all veggie's are cut/trimmed/sliced, stack them on foil. First put down the carrot sticks, which act as a bottom. Then the potatoes, (season with Salt and Pepper and Garlic) then the burger (which has already been seasoned with your favorite burger stuff) on top of that put the onion and a pat of butter. Roll in foil and cook 20 min. Flip it over, cook 20 more minutes. Once you've done this (the night before you go camping), you can toss them into a bag in the cooler and they're ready to throw in the campfire when you get there. (we usually do this right when we get there so that it's ready by the time we're done.) Let it cook a total of 40-45 minutes and your entire dinner is served.

Kristine Prusinski - Peoria, AZ

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