Poor Mans Pie (apple, cherry, blueberry, etc.)

Poor Mans Pie (apple, cherry, blueberry, etc.)


  • cast metal pie press
  • 1  can pie filling (whatever flavor you prefer)
  • bread
  • butter


Take 2 pieces of bread, butter the top of each piece. Place one piece in pie press, butter side down, put a few spoonfuls of your favorite pie filling in the center. Place the 2nd piece of buttered bread on top, butter side up, and place lid of pie press on top. Place entire pie press into hot coals, (can be wood coals, or charcoal briquets, as long as they are hot.) Keep in coals until golden brown, then flip over until other side is cooked. We cook them for snacks, or a lot of the time will have them for breakfast. Doesn't take long to cook, and the kids love them.

Steve Malby - Belgrade, MT

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