Pickle Rolls

Pickle Rolls


  • 8  oz  cream cheese (softened)
  • 1  package lunch meat (beef, ham & turkey are the best)
  • 1  jar whole dill pickles


On a cutting board, place one slice of meat. With a flexible rubber spatula/scrapper delicately spread softened cream cheese (microwave the cheese on a plate for 15 seconds). Next, place another slice of meat on the end of the first slice to connect them, spread cream cheese, repeat with the third slice of meat. Take a pickle and pat dry with paper towel place on on end of meat and roll to the other end. Now you can slice the roll into coins...any thickness works. You can serve these right away or refrigerate and serve later.

You can do the same thing with just two slices of meat and a green onion/scallion.

Jessica Starkey - Thomasboro, IL

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