Jen's Dutch Oven Stew

Jen's Dutch Oven Stew


  • 2  pound(s)  cubed beef or venison
  • 1  c  coffee
  • 1  large bottle V8 juice
  • 1  small bag small peeled carrots
  • 5 - 7  potatoes, cubed
  • 3  Tbsp  butter or margarine
  • 1  large onion
  • 5  cloves garlic
  • 3  celery stalks
  • salt and pepper to taste


Warm dutch oven over fire. Warm butter or margarine in dutch oven. Add diced onions and meat until lightly browned on all sides. Add 3/4th large bottle of V8 and the rest of the ingredients. Cover dutch oven and let cook on slow heat for 1 to 2 hours (Depending on how hot your oven is). Remove from heat once meat is tender and enjoy.

Jennifer Chadwell

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