HoBo Dinner

HoBo Dinner

We love to make this when we have a large group. Everyone is assigned to bring one item (large amount) for the dinner. We use a large kettle (such as a keg) and place directly over the fire for the afternoon.


Makes 20

  • 5  pound(s)  Kielbasa or Italian Sausag
  • 5  pound(s)  small potatoes (clean but not peeled
  • 3  pound(s)  carrots (scrubbed)
  • 3  pound(s)  onions (peeled but left whole)
  • 3  Heads of Cabbage (quartered
  • 12  ears of Sweet Corn (broke in half
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic


You only need to add about 1/4 kettle full of water before placing on the heat and cover. We usually layer with the carrots and Kielbasa on the bottom to start cooking first. Cabbage on top so it doesn't fall apart in the process of cooking. You want it to simmer for about 2 hours. Be sure to have a long handled spoon/ladle to dish out. Season to taste. Yummy!

Beverly Carney - Detroit, MI

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