Garlic Pork

Garlic Pork


  • thick pork chops, boneless back ribs or pork loin
  • olive oil
  • garlic powder
  • Thyme
  • 1  c  white wine


Sprinkle both sides meat with thyme and garlic powder. Put oil in hot pan and brown meat, turn once. Meat will be almost done. Remove the meat to a plate. Add the wine and deglaze pan, put meat back in pan, cover, and simmer until done - approximately 10 minutes but depends on thickness of meat. Check meat with thermometer. Cook to at least 160 degrees. Remove from pan again. Uncover, continue cooking (just a few minutes) to thicken sauce. Put meat back in to reheat a bit.

Best to serve with a rice dish (savory, pilaf, etc.) to take advantage of the broth.

Ronald E. Jones - Denton, TX

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