Dessert Tortillas

Dessert Tortillas


  • 3-4  flour tortillas
  • 1  block of almond bark
  • 1  large snicker candy bar
  • coconut
  • small marshmallows


You can cook this on a fire or in your oven. Put almond bark pieces in the center of the tortillas. Chop up the snickers into dime sized pieces and add them to the tortillas. Cover the snickers with coconut and small marshmallows. Roll the tortillas up like a burrito and put each into its own tinfoil cover. Seal the ends by folding over the tinfoil. Put on the edge of the fire or above the coals or into your oven for about 10 minutes or until hot clear through, then unwrap and enjoy!!

Steve Hylton, Boise, ID

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