Coffee Can Chicken

Coffee Can Chicken


  • 1  whole chicken (no more than 3 1/2 lbs)
  • butter
  • salt
  • pepper
  • heavy duty aluminum foil


Punch or drill holes in gallon size tin can 1 inch up from the bottom and spaced 1 inch apart around the can. Place 18 briquettes (no more no less) in the bottom of the can and light. (The can gets hot enough to burn the grass below it so be very careful where you place the can.) Rub chicken with butter and season as you like. Wrap chicken with heavy aluminum foil twice. (First in the side to side direction and then from bottom to top. Make sure foil closing point is on the top of the chicken.) Once charcoal has turned white, place the chicken into the can with the legs facing the top of the can. It's perfectly fine if the chicken sticks out of the can. Leave the can and chicken sit for 3 hours. When 3 hours has past you can remove the chicken from the can and when you open the foil the chicken will be fall off the bone tender, juicy and delicious.

Sheila Wallendal - Horicon, WI

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