Chicken in a Bag

Chicken in a Bag


Makes 34

  • 1  pound(s)  chicken breast
  • 2  c  rice
  • 1/2  pound(s)  frozen peas
  • 1/2  pound(s)  shredded cheddar cheese


You will need one small roll of aluminum foil (heavy gauge is better) and 4 sticks (about 1/2-1 inch in diameter). At home, cut chicken breast into cubes and fully cook in a skillet. Season with lemon pepper if you like. Cook rice, remove from pot and let cool. In a large container, combine chicken, rice, frozen peas, and shredded cheddar cheese. Cover and refrigerate. At dinner time, scoop each serving onto the middle of a 2 ft. long piece of aluminum foil. (four servings = four pieces of aluminum foil). Wrap the mixture into the foil by folding the foil longwise (so that it stays about 2 ft. long). Wrap the tail ends of the aluminum around a heavy stick and warm each wrapped mixture over a campfire until the cheese melts. The foil cools rapidly and can be unwrapped easily from around the sticks and from around the mixture. You could also add cashews, canned mushrooms, and/or soy sauce depending on the tastes of the group.

Paul Oestreich

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