Camp Stove Goulash

Camp Stove Goulash


Makes 34

  • 1  pound(s)  ground meat (turkey, beef or chicken)
  • 1  sweet onion
  • 1  green or red pepper
  • 1  16 ounce can diced tomatoes (Mexican flavor)
  • 1  16 ounce can garbanzo beans
  • 1  can corn
  • ketchup (optional)
  • rice


Brown the beef, onions and pepper in large skillet or pan. Chop up the onion and green or red pepper. Add the tomatoes, garbanzo beans (drained), corn and a squirt of ketchup (if desired) and serve over rice (Our favorite is the boil in the bag kind).

Jane Clabaugh, Ashburnham, MA

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