Wildlife of North Carolina

Wildlife of North Carolina

Whether you are staying in Wilmington or the surrounding areas, you can see a wide variety of wildlife in North Carolina. From weasels and bears to salamanders and turtles, you and your family can have fun learning about and seeing the state's animals.

Here are some of the different species you might encounter.

Reptiles and Amphibians

The state is home to many reptiles and amphibians, from lizards and turtles to snakes, frogs and more. Some of the reptiles and amphibians you could spot while in North Carolina include:

  • Snakes: There are 38 different snake species, six venomous, found in the state. Some snakes you could see include nonvenomous brown snakes, venomous cottonmouths and nonvenomous coachwhips.
  • Sea turtles: North Carolina houses 21 turtle species. Several species are under law protection to ensure people cannot take the turtles out of the wild. In Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, sea turtle nesting season typically runs from May to October. The most common species to nest on the beaches are loggerheads.
  • Frogs and toads: You may see a variety of the 31 species of frogs and toads around the state. Some species include the American toad, eastern spadefoot, American bullfrog, carpenter frog and spring peeper. 


Many fish species exist throughout North Carolina, making it a popular place for fishing. You can find 234 fish species throughout the state in various habitats. Some fish you may encounter are:

  • Bass: Various bass species live in the state's diverse waters, from largemouth and smallmouth to Roanoke and rock. The largemouth bass is one of the most popular for fishing in Wilmington, North Carolina.
  • Catfish: Several catfish varieties are in various state waters, from ponds and lakes to streams and reservoirs. You could see some channel, blue and flathead catfish while fishing or walking near the water.
  • Trout: You may see a few trout species, including brook, brown and rainbow trout. The fish frequent colder water, like streams and lakes near the mountains.

Fishing and Sea Turtle Rescue Attractions

Whether you want to experience fishing in Wilmington or learn more about sea turtle rescues, you can visit many fishing spots and sea turtle protection groups in the state. These are some of the places you can fish from:

  • Smith Creek Park
  • Carolina Beach Fishing Pier
  • Sutton Lake

Additionally, there are several boat ramps to launch from for fishing. Charters are another popular way people fish in various habitats.

You can also get involved in sea turtle rescues. The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is an excellent place to visit and learn about the dedication and work conservationists put into protecting marine turtles.

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