General Campground Information

No Visitors

Visitors will not be allowed on to the campground. You must be a registered camper to be on the campground. If you have family or friends staying else where you can not invite them to visit you at the campground. You will need to meet them somewhere else. Thank you.

Check-in and check-out times

Check-in time for all sites is 2:00 pm

Check-Out for all sites is 11:00 am

Early check-in is not guaranteed. We use the time between check-out and check-in to clean the sites, do any needed repairs, and any other site maintenance issues that need attending to. Our staff works really hard to ensure you have a clean maintained site ready for you. Thank you for your understanding.

Pet Policy Breed Restrictions

We do not allow dogs that are deemed an aggressive breed in our park. If you have a Pit-bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, Chow, or a Malamute, or a dog that is mixed with any of these breeds, we will not be able to accommodate you. Sorry for any inconvenience. All other dog breeds are welcome. Our pet policy must be followed, they must be leashed and you are required to clean up after your pet.

Pet Fees for Cabins and Deluxe Cabins

Dogs are welcome in most of our Cabins and Deluxe Cabins. There is a fee. It is $15 per night, per pet. The maximum number of pets is 2. The fee will not appear when you make your reservation, it will be added when you check-in and are registered. Our dog policy must be followed, they must be on a leash, and you must clean up after them. Aggressive breeds- Pit-bulls, dobermans, rottweilers, chows, and malamutes, or breeds mixed with these are not allowed in the park. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Additional Persons and Additional Person Fees

We do have occupancy limits for all of our sites. The maximum number of people permitted on a tent site, 1-room cabin, or a deluxe cabin/cottage is 4 persons. RV sites, 2-room cabins, Mumaw Lodges the maximum number is 6 persons.

Your site price includes 2 adults and 2 children. If you have more persons than what is included in your site price, there is an additional person fee. $7 for each adult per night, $5 for each additional child, per night. You may not exceed the occupancy limits for your site.

If you exceed the number of persons allowed we will not guarantee your reservation and it could result in a cancellation. Please be sure to book enough sites to accommodate your entire party.

Extra Vehicle Fee

One car is allowed on your site. If you have an additional car or a boat it will need to be parked in our over-flow parking. There is a $7.00 fee per night, per vehicle that is parked in over-flow. The fee is applied at check-in.

We Do NOT allow Tents on RV Sites

We do not allow tents to be pitched on our RV or Cabin sites. Tents may only be used on a tent site. Must have an adult, 18 or older on any rented site.

Cabin and Lodge Rentals

We require a major credit card to rent a cabin or deluxe cabin. You must be 21 years of age to rent a cabin.

Recycling and Trash

We encourage all of our campers to recycle. Almost half of what is thrown in our trash is recyclable. Please recycle while you are camping with us. We have a large blue dumpster for all recyclables. Plastic, milk jugs, juice jugs, water jugs, paper, mail, campground maps, cardboard, cereal boxes, egg cartons, etc.. can all go in the blue recycling dumpster. Located right next to our Black trash dumpster. Thank you for helping. Recycling makes a positive impact on our environment.