General Campground Information

Store Hours

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Check-in / Check-out

Campsites - Check-In after 2:30pm, Check-out at noon. 
All Cabins -  Check-In after 3:00pm, Check out is 11am.
No refunds for early departures

Quiet Hours

10:00 pm - 8:00 am Please be considerate of your fellow campers. We want you to enjoy your stay, but we do ask you be considerate and keep the noise down while other campers start to wind down for the night.  Please do not walk through occupied campsites,  stay on the roads or walkways.

Site Occupancy Policy

No tents are allowed on Cabin or RV lawns. Also, only 1 tent is allowed per tent site.  Maximum occupancy for RV Sites and Tent Sites is 6 people per site, visitors included.  We allow one family and one vehicle per site. A family is defined as parents and their minor children. Rates are based on 4 people, there is a $3.00 additional charge per adult per night and $4.00 per additional child 6 and over per night. Cabin occupancy is not to exceed the number of people the cabin is rated for. All vehicles in the campground must have a car pass visibly displayed.


Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children. Ages 5 years and under must be accompanied to the restrooms. All children under 17 should be at their campsite by 10:00 pm or dark, whichever is first, unless with a parent. For safety reasons, no bike riding in the dark.

Visitor Policy

Visitors: must register and receive a parking pass before entering the park.  Visiting hours are over at 9pm.  Admission fee is required.  Please let the office know in advance that you will be having visitors..  There is a limit to the amount of visitors, depending on how many people you have currently at your site.

Speed Limit

5 MPH. If it seems slow, you are doing it right. No mini-bikes, mopeds, motorized scooters please. No bicycle riding after dark. No skateboards. Please do not cut thru sites, use the roads.

Swimming Pool

No lifeguard is on duty, swim at your own risk. Children must be supervised by an adult. Babies and toddlers must use a swim diaper. No food, drink or smoking permitted in pool area. Please follow posted rules.
Pool is open Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day.

Pet Policy

Pet owners will be totally responsible for their pets at all times. Keep your pet on a handheld leash and quiet. Pets must not be left unattended. No pets are allowed in service buildings, pool area or playground. Dog litter is to be cleaned up immediately, please carry a bag. Pets are not allowed in our Lodges, Studios or Cabins.

Smoking, Alcohol and Music

We take great pride in our Park being a safe and healthy place to vacation. We ask that If you Smoke, drink or play music to do it in a manor where it is not infringing on others around you. Smoking and drinking should be at your site and not in excess.  Music played in a manor as not to be a nuisance to your neighbor in any way day or night.


All fires must be in fire rings and attended at all times. DO NOT move fire rings. No wood, dead or alive, is to be collected from within the park.

Meet Your Hosts

The Kuebler Family

Customers make our business! This is the kind of campground worth making it back to again and again.

It was an opportunity for David and Cathleen Kuebler that came at the "right time - right place" when they purchased their KOA campground in 1994. David was an executive director, and Cathleen worked in daycare. The campground was not originally a KOA campground, but they were able to turn their vision into reality and bring KOA to Traverse City. They had not planned on owning the KOA, but when the opportunity presented itself, they snatched it up.

"Customers make our business," said Cathleen. "This is the kind of campground worth making it back to again and again." David and Cathleen take pride in the campground cleanliness, the family-oriented nature of their KOA, and in keeping people happy. "We are happy to have them," Cathleen commented about her guests. Returning campers attest to their excellent customer service.

In their spare time, David likes to go fishing, while Cathleen dabbles into everything, including painting and cake decorating.