Wildlife in Temecula, California

Wildlife in Temecula, California

The gorgeous wine country city of Temecula has much to offer for outdoor enthusiasts, from hiking to mountain biking. When you are out exploring or camping in Temecula, it is also helpful to know what types of wildlife you might encounter so you can keep yourself, your family and your pets safe.

Learn More About the Animals in Temecula

From rattlesnakes to mountain lions, Temecula is brimming with a variety of animals.


Rattlesnakes are common throughout Southern California, specifically the Northern Mohave and the Western diamondback. Snakes love the heat, so you might see them sunbathing in an open space, such as on a rock or a pathway. They only spend a little time out in the sun, though, preferring to hide under bushes and in cracks and crevices. 

When hiking or camping, be cautious of where you step and place your hands. Keep any curious pets on a leash to help them stay a safe distance away.

Small Mammals

Small mammals are extremely common in Temecula. A few you may see include:

  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Opossums
  • Armadillos

Many of these animals are nocturnal, so your best chance of seeing them will be in the early morning or evening. They like to hide in bushes or trees to stay safe from predators. Some squirrels and raccoons are curious and might try to sneak into your supplies while hiking or camping. Be sure to secure your items and clean up after yourself.

Foxes and Coyotes

Temecula is home to a few foxes and coyotes. They are most active in the early morning or late evening, though they can also be seen roaming around during the day from time to time. Foxes like to live along the borders of forests and meadows or dense vegetation and suburban areas. Coyotes prefer to keep their distance from towns and cities.

Seeing these animals in the wild can be exciting, but maintain your distance to keep yourself and your pets safe.

Large Cats

Though rare, a few large cats, such as mountain lions and bobcats, can be seen in the Temecula area. They prefer to stay in the mountains, though they have been known to venture into town occasionally. Give these animals space and immediately report any sightings.  

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