Vailocity Bike Park

Vailocity Bike Park

Vailocity Bike Park is the premier bike park for riders in the Temecula area with 25-miles of world-class trails, obstacles, flow track, and races for Mountain Biking, Gravel Biking, and BMX. Students, recreational riders, and racers at Vailocity enjoy the conveniences of maintained restrooms, a café for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a bar serving post-ride pints and cocktails and live music. New trails are built using the Greer-method, ensuring serious bike enthusiasts have racing class rides, whether cross-country, enduro, endurance, downhill, or gravel. 

Wanna Come Ride Our Trails When You're Not Camping?

1. Annual Pass 18+ $150 / Children Under 17 $99
Valid from 1 Jan. thru to 31 Dec.
*All passes include parking for one vehicle only. 

2.  Day Pass
Weekdays - 18+ $5 / Children Under 17 $3
Weekends- 18+ $10 / Children Under 17 $5
*All passes include parking for one vehicle only. 

3. NICA Pass - $65

The NICA pass is exclusively for NICA members and participants. This pass is valid from January 1st - May 31. A NICA membership is required for purchase. The pass fee is $65 and is valid for unlimited riding, with or without an organized team. NICA passes can be upgraded to Annual passes for an additional $25 for kids 18 and under, and $65 for adults, making them valid from 1 Jan. thru to 31 Dec. NICA Coaches can purchase the January 1st - 1 May 31st pass for $65, with the option to upgrade to an Annual pass for an additional $65. NICA passes will be available for purchase during normal store operating hours 9am-5pm Sun-Thurs and 8am-8pm Fri-Sat. 

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