Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: Which Is Best for You?

Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: Which Is Best for You?

When you need a vacation with your family and friends, choosing where you want to go to have fun, unwind and explore is easy. Once you select your destination, you can decide where to stay. Will a hotel fit your needs, or is a vacation rental the perfect place to spend your vacation?

Your choice largely depends on what type of holiday you picture, the most affordable option for you and the size of the group you travel with. Like where you go and what you do, whether you book a vacation suite vs. a hotel is entirely up to you.

Differences Between Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals and hotels can both serve as excellent lodgings for travelers. Knowing what advantages are unique to each type can help you choose the better option for your trip. 

Hotels often have compact rooms, daily housekeeping, a concierge and a front desk. Hotels are often suitable for smaller groups or individual travelers. Hotels are ideal for smaller groups or individuals whose budgets may not be a priority.

Vacation rentals or suites offer travelers spacious lodgings, additional amenities and more affordable prices. These lodgings often sleep more people, allowing you to travel and stay with a larger group. 

A vacation rental may offer greater flexibility and function than traditional hotels. These lodgings are popular options for large groups and families. The communal spaces are an excellent way for your group to connect during birthday trips, annual family vacations, reunions or special events like bachelor or bachelorette parties.  

Space and Privacy

Hotel rooms are usually compact, with up to two beds per room. Some offer cots that you can set up for children or other guests. A hotel room may only serve a small group if you want to stay together.

Vacation rentals are more spacious, and your rental includes all the rooms within the suite. More people can sleep comfortably in these lodgings, so instead of traveling back to separate hotels or taking the elevator to a different floor at the end of a long day, your family or friends can stay nearby.

Vacation rentals also offer more freedom than hotel rooms, allowing vacationers privacy and an opportunity to relax and enjoy their group. These lodgings have individual spaces, like bedrooms, where you can rest or read a book within the suites. Vacation rentals also have communal areas, such as living rooms, where you can enjoy time with your group.

Price and Stay Length

A hotel may appeal more to single business travelers or individuals who need a room for a quick visit rather than a relaxing vacation. Since the rooms are generally smaller and sleep fewer people, it may cost your group more to stay in a hotel.

Vacation rentals allow families and larger groups to travel for longer periods at affordable rates. Vacation rentals generally have lower prices per night, and many have extra amenities available without an additional cost.


Common hotel amenities include pools, lounges and remote working spaces. 

Vacation rentals generally have a wider range of amenities, including large kitchens, refrigerators, cooktops, spacious living areas and pools. Some sites offer access to private beaches and waterfronts.

Daily Services

Most hotels will clean your room and make your bed daily for no additional charge, and some offer concierge services to help you book off-site tours and make reservations at nearby restaurants.

Generally, vacation rentals do not offer these services, instead providing more privacy and freedom for you to tailor your vacation as you like.

Eating Options

Hotels may offer compact coffee stations and minifridges in their rooms, encouraging you to enjoy a bite at an on-site restaurant or explore nearby eateries. Some hotels include complimentary breakfasts and have room service menus you can order from for additional charges.

Vacation rentals often have full or small kitchens, allowing you to celebrate your vacation by making your family's favorite meal with ease. Making cooking convenient can also help you keep the cost of your trip within budget. Most vacation suite premises have on-site cafés or snack bars where you can take a break from preparing your own meals.


Hotels are often located in the hearts of cities or on their outskirts. If you plan to attend an event at a specific venue or sightsee in one part of town, you can arrange to stay close to them, explore on foot and find transportation to travel to other areas.

Many vacation rentals allow access to outdoor activities like hiking and swimming. These locations are ideal lodgings for vacationers who want to relax and unwind. Walk to nearby activities and facilities from your vacation rental to bask in natural beauty without driving or arranging transportation.

Pet Friendliness

Some hotels allow guests to bring their pets, but these policies are different for each company and may include fees or restrict the size, number or type of pets you can bring.

Many vacation rentals are pet-friendly, allowing your four-legged family members to enjoy your holiday with you too. Depending on the rental, bringing your pet may have an extra fee. 

Vacation Rentals at Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA Holiday

Vacation rentals at Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA Holiday are exclusively situated right along the waterfront. This location offers vacation rentals for guests who like the hotel-type feel but want space and a variety of amenities and facilities.

The Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA Holiday is also ideal for larger groups and guests who prefer different lodging options. Admire natural beauty in a tent under the stars, enjoy your vacation in an RV or relax with friends and family in a spacious vacation rental — how you spend your vacation is up to you.

Vacation rentals and other lodging options give you pool and hot tub access, so you can enjoy everything that makes Upper Sugarloaf Key a picturesque haven. Kick up your feet, enjoy the view and have fun with your group without leaving the grounds.

Book Your Vacation Rental Now

Bask in everything that makes Upper Sugarloaf Key exceptional. Book your stay at a Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA Holiday vacation rental today.

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