Ozark Empire Fair | Springfield/Route 66 KOA Holiday

Ozark Empire Fair | Springfield/Route 66 KOA Holiday

You and your family can enjoy spending time together at the Ozark Empire Fair. When you need a place to stay, consider staying at Springfield/Route 66 KOA Holiday. We have many campsites for you to spend your time at when you need a break from all the fun fair activities. 

Learn more about the Ozark Empire Fair to start planning your trip for next year.

What Is the Ozark Empire Fair?

The Ozark Empire Fair is a week-long event where locals and visitors can come together to have fun during the summer. When you visit the fair, you can see how the traditions from the early 1900s still exist today. What started as a traveling display of local area handwork and crafts became a full-fledged fair with diverse activities.

In the 1930s, the fair added the promotion of agriculture, horticulture, manufacture, dairying, poultry, products of domestic industry and raising livestock to its roster. Since then, the fair has grown to support crafters, farmers, industrialists and more. Various exhibitions and booths get set up each year to promote the industries to fairgoers. 

Additionally, many competitions occur on the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, from livestock to crafts. You and your family will enjoy walking around the fairgrounds and checking out every display.

What to Expect at the Ozark Empire Fair

Get ready for days full of fun, laughter and delicious food when you and your family visit the Ozark Empire Fair. Whether you visit during the beginning, middle or end of the week, you can expect eventful days and nights with performances, competitions, vendors, rides and more.

The different stages around the fairgrounds host rotating musicians each night, allowing fairgoers to enjoy their time listening to excellent local talents. You can also witness the hard work of young animal exhibitors as they compete for various scholarships during livestock shows. Artists and crafters can also display their hard work by entering contests in multiple categories, from cooking and carving to sewing, knitting and spinning. Many local artisans with booths around the fairgrounds may also show you their skills and offer advice. 

Additionally, you and your family can enjoy staying active during the fair by visiting all the rides at Carnival Midway and free attractions. Purchase tickets to ride the many family-friendly and thrill-seeking rides, from spinning bears to gravity-defying options. 

Consider checking out the free fair attractions when you want to continue the fun. From medieval times events and magic shows to dinosaur adventures and petting zoos, you will have many opportunities to try new things and create unforgettable memories.

Where and When Is the Fair?

The Ozark Empire Fair is in Springfield, Missouri, at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. You and your family can explore the fairgrounds during the next fair, July 25-August 3, 2024.

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You and your family can comfortably stay at Springfield/Route 66 KOA Holiday during the Ozark Empire Fair. Book your campsite with us today!

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