WiFi LOGIN and Trouble Shooting During Your Stay

WiFi Network Access Through TENGO:  Steps to Connect to the Internet

1.    Start your computer or restart if it is on standby

2.    Enable your WiFi adapter and make sure it is on

3.    Connect to the TengoInternet WiFi network

4.    Select the TengoInternet Network and click “Connect”

5.    Open your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer)

Note: If the welcome page does not appear, erase everything in the address bar and type: start.tengointernet.com

6.    Follow on-screen instructions to register and access the Internet

7.    Log in

24/7 Customer Support Line
(866) 968-3646

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my device indicate there are no available wireless networks?

Make sure your WiFi adapter is turned on. All WiFi-equipped internet devices have a switch, button or setting option that allows you to turn the WiFi adapter on or off. Please contact your device manufacturer for additional information.

Why can’t I sign in as a returning customer?

If you are a returning guest to this location and it has been more than two months since the last time you used our WiFi services, please go to the register tab and create a new profile with a unique unsername.

What should I do if I’m having trouble signing in with my coupon code?

If you forgot your password or username and you used a coupon code to get internet access, you can substitute your active coupon code for your username and password to get online.

Why are there duplicate charges on my credit card statement?

For your protection, our credit card verification will not collect payments related to invalid purchase info. Entering incorrect credit card account information will cause purchase holds to display on your statement. These holds will be removed by your bank usually in three to five days.

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