Hidden Gems in San Diego

Hidden Gems in San Diego

San Diego, one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, has beaches, sunshine, fantastic weather and many things to do. Go beyond the main attractions and visit the lesser-known jaw-dropping places. When visiting this sunny city, these hidden spots in San Diego belong on your bucket list.

Three Best-Kept Secrets of San Diego

These are spots the locals love but tourists often overlook:

  1. SS Monte Carlo Shipwreck: The SS Monte Carlo, an old mob gambling ship, ran aground on Coronado Island during a New Year's Day storm in 1937. It now sits in shallow water off of the coast and is only visible during the winter low tides. 
  2. Annie's Canyon Hike: This slot canyon tucked away in Solana Beach will take you through stunning rock formations. Stop by to take photos and enjoy nature while hiking.
  3. Scrips Coastal Meander: Sightsee along Scrips Coastal Meander, which takes you through expansive walking trails with scenic coastal and beach views. Spot wildlife like seals and sea lions along the way.

Four Hidden Gem Restaurants in San Diego

Dive into San Diego's rich culinary culture by trying:

  1. Peace Pies: A raw vegan restaurant, Peace Pies has some of the best plant-based fare in town. After trying their amazing entrees, satisfy your sweet tooth with a peek into their dessert case.
  2. Jeong Won BBQ Buffet: The Jeong Won BBQ buffet includes an assortment of meats like chicken, pork belly, short ribs, beef brisket and vegetarian options. Pick your favorite cut and cook it fresh on your table's hot grill.
  3. Bobboi Natural Gelato: Bobboi Natural Gelato is a gelato shop in San Diego that makes natural, seasonal gelato using local ingredients. Cool off after a day of exploring by tasting recipes perfected by Italian gelato chef, Monica Maccioni.
  4. The Spot: Casual and open daily, The Spot is a family-friendly restaurant in the La Jolla neighborhood known for delicious food and friendly staff. Their menu brims classic favorites like burgers, fries and shakes but also offers some healthier options.

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