A Salmon Falls River Tubing Guide

A Salmon Falls River Tubing Guide

From fishing to boating, there are many ways to unwind on the Salmon Falls River in Lebanon, Maine — but none are quite as relaxing as reclining atop a tube meandering down the river.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner tuber, this Salmon Falls River tubing guide lets you know what to expect when floating down the river. Learn how to river tube comfortably and discover what to bring for tubing.

What to Expect When Floating on the Salmon Falls River

Tubing is a classic American pastime for a reason. There is something uniquely calming about letting the mellow river current determine your course. 

To start your free-floating journey, begin upstream at Lebanon KOA Holiday on Salmon Falls River. After wading into the water, allow the current to carry your group downstream. It takes about 45 minutes to float from one end of the campground to the other. 

Though the Salmon Falls River current is generally gentle, it's best to be fully prepared when planning a tubing trip — as rivers can be unpredictable. If you equip yourself with a safety-first mindset and pack essential gear, tubing the Salmon Falls River is family-friendly and safe for all adventure-seekers. 

How to Stay Safe on Your Tubing Journey

It is crucial to take safety precautions when spending time on the water. Tubing is safest in large groups. It is also recommended you bring along some nylon rope to tie your inflatables together so the group stays together. When preparing for your tubing adventure, keep these additional safety precautions in mind:

  • Life jackets for inexperienced swimmers: Swimmers who aren't as experienced should always wear a life jacket. A type three life jacket is preferable, as it will keep swimmers upright if they fall unconscious.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink water before embarking on your journey. Dehydration occurs much quicker when you are in the sun for long hours.
  • Protect your skin: Be sure to pack sunscreen to protect your skin. Packing high SPF sunscreen and broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from UVB and UVA radiation is crucial.

What to Bring for Tubing the Salmon Falls River

In addition to life jackets, water and sunscreen, check out this list of what to bring for an exciting and fun tubing trip:

  • A hat or visor:  A hat can help keep you cool and shade your eyes, face and scalp from the sun.
  • Sunglasses: Bring some floating sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's reflection on the water.
  • Snacks: Eat a hearty meal beforehand and fill an inflatable cooler with snacks to bring along for the ride.
  • Water toys: Bringing the kids along, too? Don't forget the squirt guns and water toys.
  • Waterproof radio: When you do not want to forego music but don't want to risk your phone, invest in a waterproof radio. 

If you are not doing a guided river float, you must bring a river flotation device, too. There are several kinds of tubes to choose from, including inner tubes and raft-style floats, which are excellent for towing along coolers and other essential float trip items. 

What to Wear on Your Family Tubing Trip

When it comes to tubing, it is best to leave your valuables at home. Avoid wearing any precious jewelry or bringing electronics you would rather not lose or damage. Store your keys, ID, wallet and cash in a waterproof or Ziploc bag on your person for convenient access. 

Additionally, be sure to wear quick-drying, water-safe apparel, like a swimsuit or neoprene wet suit. You will also want to wear water shoes to protect your feet from the river bed. Of course, do not forget your towels to dry off with when you reach the shoreline! 

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Equipped with these essential river tubing tips, you are probably ready to plan your next float adventure. Tubing the Salmon Falls River is easy when you stay at the Lebanon KOA Holiday on Salmon Falls River. Discover the different ways to stay and book a campsite today! 

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