General Campground Information

Self Check-in After Hours

No need to worry about what time you'll pull in; even after hours we have a self-check-in booth where you'll find a map with your name on it (if you have a reservation), or a listing of available sites (if you don't)... so you can roll on in at any time of day (or night)!
Travel safely--we'll see you soon! :)
:) Kana & the Crew


Please do not park on the grass (it breaks our sprinklers) or in empty RV sites (because they may be reserved and we don't know when those campers will arrived). If there's not sufficient parking room at your RV site, parking on Third Street is free, safe, and plentiful!

Office Hours

The Office is open every day!
  • If you arrive after hours, the registration kiosk on the front of the office building is set up to provide personalized maps to guests with reservations, and self-registration options for guests arriving without a reservation.
  • Bathrooms, showers, and laundry are open 24/7.
  • If you REALLY need something outside of the office hours you may knock at the managers' house (at the park entrance) or call Kana's cell: 208-596-7413. 

Check-in & Check-out

Check-out is at 11 am. (Please contact the office if you have a request to check out late.) Check-in begins at NOON.

5MP speed limit

We know that 5mph can feel really slow, but PLEASE keep your speed down to five when you're wheeling through the park--we've got kiddos on bikes and the like, and we're asking for everyone's safety.


The WiFi password (which can be found on your map) works on either of the two "KOA" networks.

Pets are welcome!

We are pleased to offer our "Kamp K-9" for your four-legged family members! We ask that you keep them on a leash while in the park, and that you clean up after them. (We offer free doggie-bags in convenient locations around the park.)

Bathroom Codes

The "magic code" to get into the bathrooms can be found in the upper left hand of your map.

Sorry: no pool & no campfires

  • We will be happy to direct you to Pendleton's public pool!
  • We regret to say that we are located within city limits, and prohibited by city ordinance from having open wood fires. Propane and charcoal are perfectly all right--and you are invited to enjoy the propane fire-pit at our community ClubHouse!

Cable Channels

For the full line-up of our 48 cable channels, check the bottom back side of your map.

Quiet Hours

Please respect our community's peace from 9pm to 9am.

Meet Your Hosts

Jon & Kana Smith

We look forward to meeting you, and hope you'll enjoy our friendly, helpful staff and clean park!

You could say we know a thing or two about RV living--until moving to Oregon to manage this KOA, we lived in an RV for our entire marriage! You'll find Kana at the desk in our office/store, and Jon out-and-about around the park... When we're "off duty" (if such a thing can be said of two people who LIVE in their park) we enjoy the outdoors--fishing, hiking, shooting, sailing--and hitting the road on our motorcycles.