General Campground Information

Laundry Room

Our laundry room is closed by order of our local Health Department due to the small space not being able to provide 6 feet of Social distancing. 
We have tried time slots as well, but our campers who signed up for specific times were not showing up or would show up late and therefore would not finish their laundry in time for the next families time slot to begin. This promoted frustration on all sides, so we were forced to close the laundry room at this time.
We are sorry for the inconvenience as we tried our best to make it work. 

This laundromat is located in Parry Sound:

Laundromat The Mall Drive
1 Mall Dr, Parry Sound, ON P2A 3A9 Get directions »

Curbside Checkin by phone

We are doing a very safe and efficient curbside, touchless checkin over the phone. Please call the # on the sign posted on the right side of the driveway upon your arrival.
The hours for checkin are: RV/tent sites 1pm - 6pm and Deluxe/Basic Cabins 2pm - 6pm.
An arrival after 6pm? Please call us before 6pm to do a pre-registration over the phone and we will let you know your site number. 
Our 2 phone lines are extremely busy (busier than in past yrs) so please be patient. We thank you for that very much. 

When we check you in, we will ask if you would like any wood or ice delivered to your site/cabin. As part of the checkin process, we will also give you any info that you may need after we take your credit card number over the phone. We will then have an outside attendant take you to your site/cabin and guide you into your site or cabin. He/she will give you a site map and answer any questions you may have.
Thank you for staying with us, we very much appreciate it.

Checkin & Check out Times

This year we have changed things up a bit to ensure a touchless and safe checkin process. We are doing Curbside checkins over the phone. Please call the number in the driveway that is posted on the sign. 
Please adhere to these following checkin times:

RV & Tent Sites:
CHECKIN time is 1pm till 6pm. Please call us for arrivals later than 6pm.. If your arrival time is still within reason, we will make further arrangements with you to ensure you can find your site after dark. Thank you

Basic Cabins/Deluxe Cabins/Rental Trailer:
CHECKIN time is 2pm till 6pm. Please contact us for arrivals later than 6pm. If your arrival time is still within reason, we will make further arrangements with you to ensure you can find your site after dark. Thank you

CHECKOUT from all sites and cabins is by 11 am on your departure day. Please re-register by 10am at office so grounds staff knows about your extended site/cabin occupancy. PLEASE REMEMBER that tardiness puts us behind in our duties, so PLEASE give others the same courtesy you were given of being able to go to your fully prepared site/cabin upon your arrival. Keeping us on time keeps you on time.

Information about the ATV Trails

The Park to Park trails are accessed directly from your site or cabin thru the back of our property here at our campground. We ask that you only ride from your site/cabin to the trail and then upon your return you ride directly back to your site/cabin. We ask you do NOT ride around in the park and not even up to the store, washrooms or pool. Following these rules will ensure that we can continue to allow ATV's in our park. Remember that not everyone loves ATV's and we ask for your respect for all campers. 
All motorized vehicles that come off a trailer upon arrival in our park, must have their own stand alone (pink slip) insurance. No insurance= no riding anywhere on our property or the trails.. Permits are required for all of the trails. You can purchase permits online at on behalf of the Park to Park trail system. Send the receipt to your phone & then you don't need a paper copy. We are currently no longer selling permits in the office because we are encouraging a contact less workplace. A full sized map comes with every purchase of a permit, we have some in the office for you.
P2P Website is for rates and info

Pool Hours:

The current pool hours are 10 am to 6pm daily.
The pool will close during lightning or thunderstorms.

Our Store Hours:

Currently due to Covid-19 & reduced staffing our office hours are operating from 9am to 6pm. 
For arrivals later than our office hours please call ahead before 6pm to pre register over the phone. Thank you

The actual store is not open to the public at this time.

Info about ATV's & Dirt Bikes in our Park:

All ATV's and Dirt Bike's must be insured with their own pink slips (proof of insurance) and ownerships in order to be ridden on our property leading to the trails. Having insurance thru a "Rider" of your household or tenant policy is not sufficient insurance. It must be its own stand alone insurance specific to that motorized vehicle.

The GOLDEN RULE for all motorized vehicles in our park is that they must be ridden slowly & directly from your site or cabin to the trail and straight back to your site or cabin upon your return. Please NO riding up to washrooms, showers or pool - no riding around in the park other than straight to and from the trails. ALL dirt bikes must be pushed 50 feet into the trails edge and then started. Then upon your return to the campground after your ride, please hit the kill switch, coast in as far as you can, and then push your bike back to your site or cabin. Observing these simple rules will ensure that we can continue to have you to Stay'n Play with us!

Please save our Forests-NO OUTSIDE WOOD ALLOWED

We are now asking that NO wood of any kind be brought into our campground. Our trees are our most important commodity & we can not risk loosing them thru disease. This was a hard decision for us - please respect it!

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued Federal Ministerial Orders that prohibits the movement of firewood/wood in Ont, Que & U.S. It might seem difficult to imagine, but something as simple as bringing your own firewood when you travel to or from your favourite campsite could threaten and destroy thousands, even millions, of trees. Transportation of firewood is a common way for invasive species to spread as The Emerald Ash Borer, on its own, does not move very far. Hidden in the bark of trees, this tiny “hitchhiker” has traveled with many an unsuspecting camper and as a result has killed millions of ash trees across Canada. The Asian Long-horned Beetle is a destructive beetle which attacks hardwood trees, including maple, elm, poplars, birch and willow.

Quiet Hours:

We do our best to strictly enforce our quiet hours from 11pm till 8am

Meet Your Hosts

Don, Michelle & Tristan Berry

Our Campers experience a "Northern" type setting while not having to drive more than 2 hours north of Toronto. Come marvel at our "Near North Starry Nights" as you relax & explore this unique area of Georgian Bay and it's 30,000 Islands!

The Parry Sound KOA "is the best thing that could ever happen to us," Michelle Berry said of her family's purchase of their second generation campground. Michelle and Don and their two sons enjoy winter activities as a family and work together in the campground during the summer. "It really has been a good change."

They sold their family farm south of Toronto in 1999, and since her parents knew they were looking at resorts and other business opportunities, they approached the couple with the idea of buying the KOA. The deal came together in less than two months. Don had worked in the forestry division of the Ministry of Transportation, and Michelle was trained as a registered lab technologist.

The Berry's take pride in welcoming guests to a friendly and beautiful campground, and they live in a home they built on the grounds. They've made a lot of changes at the campground, including a new front office, new deluxe cabins (formerly called lodges), new computer systems & wifi, revamping the store & pool area, and adding a large recreation hall. Their boys are learning about the business and the values of hard work. They already talk about the day when they can run the campground, she added.

The family loves living north of Toronto, where they get a lot of snow and enjoy winter activities such as hockey, ice fishing and snowmobiling. "It is our family time," she said, adding that she and Don are also very involved as volunteers in the community.

Campers at the Parry Sound KOA really enjoy all the recreational opportunities associated with the prime campground location. Dozens of lakes surround us and famous Georgian Bay is only 10 minutes away...for all you fishing and boating enthusiasts The campground is right next to the Trans Canada/Seguin Trail, a multi-use trail that is open to four-wheelers, dirt bikes, walking, horseback riding and biking. The campground serves as a base for a variety of outdoor recreation enthusiasts who use the trail and or lakes that are so prevalent in our immediate area.