Top ATV Trails in Parry Sound

Top ATV Trails in Parry Sound

Popular ATV Trails in Parry Sound

Parry Sound offers exciting and adventurous trails for riders in Ontario. Check out some of the best ATV trails.

1. Seguin Trail

Ride down part of the Park to Park trail network by taking the Seguin Trail. The 80-kilometre trail follows a portion of the historic Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway route before splitting into two separate trails. 

The course has dirt grounds with the occasional puddle when it rains. The flat path with a minimal incline is perfect for ATVing. You can stop to use the washroom, refuel and eat along the way.

2. Rose Point Trail

Drive down the last segment of the railroad-turned trail when you take the Rose Point Trail. The 8-kilometre trail is a popular spot for ATVing, walking and hiking. While on the path, move cautiously because many turtles live in the area's wetlands. Rose Point Trail is vital in connecting the Park to Park Trail and Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs TOP trail systems.

3. Muskiig Trail

Go on an adventure down a rolling single-track style trail like Muskiig Trail. It is 15 kilometres long. The course is perfect for those who want to experience ATVing and dirt biking in Parry Sound. There are special sections of the path where corduroy roads, in which logs lay across wet areas to make a road, have been built to make wet areas passable. Driving across the logs could make the ride rougher and more challenging, so be ready.

4. Guncotton Trail

Travel down a 5-kilometre path through the village of Nobel when you ride your ATV on the Guncotton Trail. Take the trail that heads west to drive down the gravel path specifically for vehicles like ATVs and snowmobiles. This course takes you around North Parry Sound, letting you see the fun restaurants and stores in the area.

ATV Trails at Parry Sound KOA Holiday

For more ATV fun, come to Parry Sound KOA Holiday. The campground offers easy and quick access to the Park to Park Trails through our on-site trail. You will find the path toward the back of the campground. Drive down the path to reach the Seguin Trail or make a pit stop at Tim Horton's for some coffee and doughnuts.

Parry Sound KOA Holiday allows campers to bring their ATVs and dirt bikes to the campground for an exciting vacation full of riding adventures. You will have plenty of amenities to help keep your vehicles in shape while camping and riding, and you can park your ATVs and dirt bikes at your campsite for easy access. As you move around the campground, you will likely see other campers with ATVs. Ensure you have the proper permits and understand the ATV-related rules before using your vehicle in the area.

Be sure to check out our campground's recreational amenities as well when you want to rest after a long day of exploring. Float in the heated pool, participate in several planned activities or relax under the community pavilion. The campground has  Deluxe and Camping CabinsRV Sites and Tent Sites to help you camp comfortably and enjoy your time with your family.

Stay at Our ATV-Friendly Campground in Parry Sound

Parry Sound KOA Holiday offers ATV-friendly camping in Seguin, Ontario, that lets you make unforgettable memories riding around local trails. Your family and friends will have gorgeous nature views while ATVing throughout Parry Sound. 

Start planning your next ATVing vacation in Ontario by reserving a campsite online or calling us at 800-562-2681 today!

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