Experience Vacationing in Parry Sound

Experience Vacationing in Parry Sound

Parry Sound is a beautiful town in Ontario, Canada, that offers diverse experiences for you and your family. You'll love the natural sights and sounds you'll discover while adventuring in the area.

Here is a look at the best times to visit and things to do around town to help you plan your next vacation to Parry Sound.

When to Visit Parry Sound, Ontario

You and your family will have the most fun visiting Parry Sound during the summer. The warm weather lets you get the town's whole experience as you travel to various attractions and explore the outdoors.

Best Time to Visit Parry Sound

Ensure you can enjoy all the town offers by vacationing in Parry Sound sometime during June, July or August. The summer months have the warmest temperatures during the day and lots of sunshine. You will have many opportunities to enjoy the public beaches, parks and outdoor activities like boating, hiking or biking.

Weather in Parry Sound

Summers in Parry Sound are comfortable, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 23 degrees Celsius. While there are some cloudy days, the warm temperatures during the summer are a breath of fresh air compared to the cold winter months. While you could enjoy your time during the winter here, temperatures are constantly falling below zero degrees Celsius, making your trip a chilly one.

Plan your trip accordingly to ensure you experience optimal weather while vacationing.

Things to Do During Parry Sound's Peak Travel Season

Summertime is a fun time when you're in Parry Sound. The temperate weather in the area allows visitors to have memorable experiences, whether they are full of thrilling activities or more laid-back ones. Some local things you could do while visiting Parry Sound include:

1. 30,000 Island Queen Cruise

Cruise around Georgian Bay and its 30,000 Islands with your family by taking a trip on the Island Queen Cruise. You could go on a boat tour around the outer or inner islands to experience the Bay's beauty from a different perspective.

2. Golf

Go golfing if you like to stay active but engage in a relaxing activity. Parry Sound has several public golf courses you could visit to play a round or two.

3. Aspen Wildlife Sanctuary

Learn about animals and see how injured and orphaned wildlife are cared for by a team of dedicated individuals when you visit Aspen Valley Sanctuary. Aspen Valley rehabilitates animals and releases them back into the wild once they heal. If animals are deemed unfit for surviving in the wild, the keepers ensure the animals have a forever home at Aspen Valley.

4. Georgian Bay Airways

You can experience the Georgian Bay from land, water and air! Go on a sightseeing adventure while riding in a seaplane from Georgian Bay Airways. Flying over the water will be an experience of a lifetime.

Camp at Parry Sound KOA Holiday During Our Open Season

When you need a place to stay during your vacation in Parry Sound, remember Parry Sound KOA Holiday. Our campground offers comfort and relaxation whenever you need it. Stay with us during our open season! Book your campsite today by reserving online or calling us at 800-562-2681.

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