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Your Day-by-Day Guide for Camping in Niagara Falls, NY

Your Day-by-Day Guide for Camping in Niagara Falls, NY

Planning what to do when camping in Niagara Falls is essential because it helps you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Add this itinerary to your family camping checklist so you can see the best views, visit the most exciting attractions and try mouthwatering food.

Camping Near Niagara Falls, New York

The New York side of Niagara Falls features two additional waterfalls, providing a special experience different from what visitors see in Canada. When you visit Niagara Falls in the United States, you can see Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls up close. You can also marvel at a panoramic view of all three waterfalls the Niagara River connects. Camping near Niagara Falls in New York is a remarkable opportunity, and the area features plenty of attractions and historical sites to plan a week-long trip.

Where to Camp in New York

Kampgrounds of America offers one of the best campgrounds in New York. With excellent amenities and plenty of nearby attractions, you can have a blast when you stay at Niagara Falls / Grand Island KOA Holiday. Explore Niagara Falls, Buffalo and nearby state parks throughout the day, and end each evening around a warm campfire.

Niagara Falls Camping Itinerary

Planning a camping trip before you arrive gives you more time to relax and embark on exhilarating adventures. Follow this day-by-day list of things to do while camping so you can enjoy Niagara Falls to the fullest.

Day 1

Your first day of vacation should be full of relaxation sprinkled with some fun. The following activities are great ways to settle into your campsite, take in the beautiful surroundings and savor a delicious meal with your loved ones.

Explore the Campground on Berg Bikes

Rent some Berg bikes and ride around the campground to start your vacation right. Berg bikes sit low to the ground, giving you a unique way to venture around the campground and feel the breeze in your hair.

Cook Over a Cozy Campfire

One of the best parts of camping is cooking over a crackling campfire. Gather your friends or family around the fire and cook a meal together. Make some juicy steaks or burgers, and end your night toasting marshmallows under the stars.

Day 2

Day two is a fantastic time to dive into the main attraction. Visiting Niagara Falls in New York lets you see two additional falls you cannot see on the Canadian side. It's an awesome opportunity to experience the roaring water, cool mist and grand views this natural wonder offers.

Tour Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls / Grand Island KOA Holiday makes it easy to visit the breathtaking Falls. Niagara Falls is a short 7-mile drive from the campground, and you can book a tour right from the front desk. Gray Line Tours offers informative, unforgettable tours that let you experience the falls up close. After your tour, you can enjoy a delectable meal on the water at Bella Vista Ristorante.

Captain Your Own Boat on the Pond

If visiting Niagara Falls inspired you, consider hitting the water again after you return to your campsite. Niagara Falls / Grand Island KOA Holiday offers fun canoes and paddleboats you can take out on the water for an enjoyable evening. 

Day 3

Next on your itinerary, you can dive deeper into nature and spend more quality time with your loved ones. Spend your third day of vacation on the following activities.

Explore a Hiking Trail

The beauty of Niagara Falls extends beyond the breathtaking waterfalls and into the area's gorgeous state parks and hiking trails. You can choose from several nearby trails, but here are some popular options:

  • Beaver Island State Park loop: The Beaver Island Nature Trail, Spaulding Trail and East River Trails in Beaver Island State Park all connect to form a 3.4-mile loop. People of all skill levels and ages can walk this path at their own pace.
  • Great Gorge Scenic Overlook: The Great Gorge Scenic Overlook trail is another hike excellent for beginner hikers of all ages. This easy path takes you through stunning vistas where you can see the Niagara River, Gorge and Escarpment.
  • Whirlpool Rapids Adventure Hike: The Whirpool Rapids Adventure Hike is a challenging trail perfect for experienced hikers looking for an exhilarating adventure. This round-trip trail starts and ends at Whirlpool State Park, and it features large boulders to cross. Only experienced hikers ages eight and up should attempt this trail due to its challenging terrain.

Relax at the Pool

Float or splash in the campground pool after an activity-filled day on the trails. Niagara Falls / Grand Island KOA Holiday features a swimming pool just a short walk from your campsite, so you can jump right in or rest on a lounge chair with a book.

Relax at the Pool

Day 4

Dive into Buffalo's history and architecture on your fourth vacation day. Buffalo is full of fun activities, but here are some special ones to check out.

Visit the Buffalo Naval and Military Park

The Buffalo Naval and Military Park is the country's largest inland Naval park. Here, you can explore decommissioned Naval vessels and learn more about United States history. Various exhibits let you dive deeper into some of the country's previous historical events and conflicts.

Try Savory Chicken Wings at the Anchor Bar

The Anchor Bar is a must-try restaurant if you are a fan of chicken wings. The Anchor Bar is where Buffalo wings first got their start, making them a beloved local tradition. You can taste the original Buffalo wing recipe at the Anchor Bar and decide if your chicken wings back home live up to the standard.

Tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House

Frank Lloyd Wright is an acclaimed American architect known for his unique designs and structures. The Martin House estate in Buffalo features several homes and structures that Wright designed for Darwin D. Martin and his family, featuring open spatial layouts and nature-inspired details. Touring the estate gives you a glimpse into history and Wright's fascinating architectural vision.

Day 5

Your final day of vacation is a perfect time to relax and soak in some sunshine, but you can also engage in one or two more exciting activities. Consider the following recreational options for your last day in Grand Island and Niagara Falls.

Try Your Luck at a Nearby Casino

Niagara Falls and Buffalo are home to several lively casinos. Seneca Casinos in Niagara Falls and Buffalo feature slots, table games and sportsbook lounges for you to bet on your favorites. 

Fish on the Niagara River

If you have children or prefer the outdoors to a casino, consider casting your reel on the Niagara River. Fishing on the Niagara River is a unique, memorable experience you can enjoy with your whole family. You can fish from the shore at locations such as Devil's Hole State Park, Whirlpool State Park or the New York Power Authority (NYPA) fishing platform.

Plan an Exciting Vacation at Niagara Falls / Grand Island KOA Holiday

Niagara Falls / Grand Island KOA Holiday is a Niagara Falls campground in New York featuring excellent amenities and activities for campers of all ages. KOA is a terrific basecamp to explore the falls and nearby attractions such as museums, hiking trails, restaurants, casinos and fishing spots. Book a stay at KOA to start your Niagara Falls adventure.

Plan an Exciting Vacation at Niagara Falls / Grand Island KOA Holiday

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