General Campground Information

Store Hours

Our Campground office and store hours are:
Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 AM - 5:00* PM
Friday & Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00* PM
*Closing times may vary throughout the season, please call
campground for more detailed information.

Tent Policy

Sleeping tents are only allowed on tent sites. Sleeping tents are not allowed on RV or Cabin sites- no exceptions. If you are staying in an RV site or a Cabin and need to set up a tent you must reserve a tent site. Most of our tent sites have a 20ft. X 20ft. designated area in which to set up tents. You may set up multiple tents as long as they fit in the 20ft. X 20ft. area otherwise multiple sites will need to be booked.


Unfortunately, internet in our area is VERY limited. There is no high speed internet in our rural part of the county. As a result, the WiFi that we provide to our campers is not very fast and is sometimes unreliable. We have tried every company and every avenue to try to increase the internet that comes into our campground, but at this time there is just not anything else available. The WiFi that we provide is generally good for checking your email, looking at local attractions, or planning your next stop. It is not good for streaming video or work/school from home applications. If you have your own data plan/mobile hot spot, we do receive coverage from most major cell phone providers. If free high speed WiFi is super important to you, our rural location may not be the right fit for you.

Golf Cart Policy

We are not a very large campground. As such, everything in the campground is within walking distance and a golf cart is not necessary. Golf carts will only be allowed to be driven in the campground if you have a handicap license plate or placard. In addition, you will need to show proof of insurance for the golf cart. The person to whom the handicap placard or plate belongs to must be in the golf cart if it is being driven. Golf carts must stay on designated roads within the campground and are not to be driven off-road, on walking paths, or through construction areas. Golf carts are only allowed to be driven by licensed drivers who are not under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances. If you qualify, please let the office know at check-in that you have a golf cart and provide a copy of your insurance. Permission to use a golf cart can be revoked at any time if we feel that you are compromising the safety of yourself or other campers.

Check-in and Check-out times

Check-in time for RV sites, Tent sites and standard Camping Cabins is any time after 1:00 PM.
Check-in time for Deluxe Cabins is any time after 3:00 PM.
***For early check-in please call the office after 9:00 AM the morning of arrival to see if the site is available. All early check-ins are subject to a $10 early check-in fee if site is available.

If you plan to arrive after hours please contact the office to make arrangements.
Check-out for all sites is by 11:00 AM.
***For late check-out please check with the office the morning of departure to check availability. All late check-outs are subject to a late check-out fee if site is available.
Cabins must have someone over the age of 21 staying in the cabin. A credit card must be used to book a cabin.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM
For the enjoyment of all campers, please follow these times.
If you feel that you cannot be quiet during these hours please plan to stay elsewhere.
We will give one warning after quiet time, the second time you will be asked to leave.
We strive to get all campers parked and set up in their site before quiet time.
Please plan accordingly so that you can arrive before quiet time and avoid disturbing other campers.
We do not accept any arrivals after midnight.

Visitor Policy

ALL visitors must stop and register at the office prior to proceeding to any site.
Visitors fees are $5/adult and $3/child.
ALL vehicles must obtain a car pass to park anywhere in the campground.
The number of visitors may be limited due to campground occupancy.
Visitors must exit the campground by quiet time which is 10:00 PM.
Visitors are not to park in the grass or picnic area of site. Visitor parking area is available.
Registered campers are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times.
Visitors and registered campers may be asked to leave at any time for objectionable behavior.

Pet Policy

Our KOA campground is pet friendly. For the enjoyment of all of our campers we ask that you follow these simple rules:
Pets must be on a leash at all times and leash must be controlled by an adult.
Pets must be well behaved. This means:
   NO excessive barking
   NO aggressive behavior
Pets must be cleaned up after immediately
Pets must not be left unattended outside at your site or at Kamp K-9
Pets are allowed in standard cabins only, $10/day fee
Pets are not allowed in Deluxe Cabin accommodations

Firewood Policy

Virginia State Law prohibits the transport of firewood across state lines.
We sell bundles of firewood at the camp store.
You can bring in-state wood to the campground.
*Any firewood you bring with you and do not burn must be taken back with you.*
You may gather sticks from the ground but do not drag any large pieces from the woods.
All wood you intend to burn must fit within the fire ring provided.
PLEASE NO TRASH, BOTTLES, BOTTLE CAPS, or CIGARETTE BUTTS in the fire rings, they are NOT trash cans!

Pool Hours

The pool is open from 10:00 AM - Dusk
Children under 14 MUST be supervised by an adult at the pool.
No food or glass beverages allowed in the pool area.
No pets allowed in the pool area.
For your safety, no diving or flipping into pool.
Please, no excessively large floats in pool.
See sign at pool for full list of rules.

Cable TV Lineup

As a general rule, our cable system works very well. If you are having issues, it is usually just a matter of getting all of the settings correct. Try these steps and if you are still having trouble let us know. We will be happy to come and give you a hand.
*Check[b] your connection at our post and at your rig. Make sure everything is tightened up. If you have a cable and a satellite input they are sometimes mislabeled.[/b]
*Locate your antenna amplifier/booster button. It is often behind your main TV or the bedroom TV but can be found in all sorts of places, in a cabinet, by the door, behind the passenger seat… it will usually have a red or green light. Yes, you do have one!  It needs to be in the OFF position to use our cable. 
*With your TV remote check your input source. It should be set to cable or TV.
*With your TV remote go to Menu, then go to Channel. Select Air/cable and make sure Cable is selected. Now select Auto Scan. This will take a minute or two to find all of our channels.
*Exit the scan. You should now have 48 channels of cable.

Meet Your Hosts

We are committed to offering our guests an exceptional camping experience and outstanding customer service in a clean, safe, and family oriented environment.

The Conger family has always enjoyed the outdoors whether it is camping, hiking, canoeing, or just enjoying nature. Ken took that passion one step further when he decided he wanted to buy a campground. The rest of the family eagerly supported him in his dream. Our goal was to purchase a campground with natural beauty, moderate year round weather, quality RV and tent sites, and cabins to rent. Natural Bridge KOA has all of these qualities and more! The Natural Bridge KOA is an ideal location providing a wooded setting close to the Appalachian Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway, several rivers, the quaint downtown of Lexington, and of course the landmark Natural Bridge rock formation. So Ken, Carrie, their son's Chris and Cory, Betty and Bob packed up their belongings and made the trek from Michigan to Virginia.

Each of the Congers found their niche at the NB KOA. As an electrical engineer with a strong interest in remodeling and building projects, Ken is leading the team with improvements such as new decks, site leveling, new Deluxe Cabins, a new bath house, and remodeling of older cabins and restrooms. Carrie brings her customer service experience from the restaurant and retail world to maintaining a customer-oriented front desk staff and a well-stocked camp store. Bob's passion for the environment is the spark for growth in nature programming. He is our resident expert on invasive plant species that need to be removed from the campground property. Betty brings creativity and a focus on programming for children, families, as well as other groups with the hopes of offering all guests quality recreational activities. Chris and Cory can often be found helping out with recreation, delivering firewood, or escorting campers when they are not gone to lacrosse practice.

We look forward to serving you when you visit the Natural Bridge KOA. We hope you will stop by the office to get acquainted with our devoted staff and with us!