Top Tips for Enjoying Stone Crabs in Naples/Marco Island

Top Tips for Enjoying Stone Crabs in Naples/Marco Island

Stone crabs are a popular seafood delicacy in Florida, and Naples is no exception. Naples is known for its fresh seafood, and you can find stone crabs on the menus of many restaurants in the area, especially during the stone crab season, which typically runs from October 15th through May 15th.

Top Tips for enjoying Stone Crab in Your Naples/Marco Island Florida

  1. Local Seafood Restaurants: Naples has several excellent seafood restaurants that serve stone crabs. Some popular options include Joe's Stone Crab, Truluck's Seafood, Steak, and Crab House, and USS Nemo Restaurant. These restaurants often feature stone crab dishes on their menus.

  2. Stone Crab Claws: Stone crab claws are the most sought-after part of the crab. They are typically served chilled and cracked open, and you can dip the meat in mustard sauce for added flavor.

  3. Freshness Matters: Stone crabs are best when they are fresh, so make sure to inquire about the freshness of the crabs when ordering.

  4. Seasonal Availability: As mentioned earlier, stone crab season in Florida typically starts in mid-October and ends in mid-May. The best time to enjoy fresh stone crabs is during this season.

  5. Reservations: Some restaurants in Naples, especially the popular ones, can get busy, so it's a good idea to make reservations, especially if you're dining during the peak season.

  6. Local Markets: If you prefer to cook stone crabs at home, you can often find them at local seafood markets. Some markets also offer freshly cooked and cracked claws for takeout.

  7. Sides and Complements: Stone crab claws are often served with sides like coleslaw, cornbread, and other seafood accompaniments. Be sure to explore the menu for options that complement your meal.

Remember that stone crabs are a sustainable seafood choice because only the claws are harvested, and the crabs are returned to the water to regenerate their claws. Naples, Florida, is a great place to savor these delicious and sustainable seafood delicacies.

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