Lemolo Lake / Crater Lake North KOA Holiday Campground Blog

Fire Restrictions for Campers


The current fire restrictions published by the National Forest Service is known as Public Use Restriction (PUR) Level II.  Advanced notification from the NFS staff indicates a likely plan to move to PUR Level III in the next several days.  What does that mean for campers?PUR II Restrictions:Wood...

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Is the North Entrance to Crater Lake Open?


The North Entrance to Crater Lake National Park closes every fall on November 1st unless it's closed earlier by snowfall.  In the spring, the National Park opens the North entrance on or about June 1st.  Again snow fall is the major influencing factor on when the North entrance opens and can...

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Lake Level (Peak Season)


By agreement with the power company that controls the lake level at Lemolo Lake, our lake is ALWAYS full from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year.
As a result, from May 15 through September 15 each year our lake is at or very near full capacity.