General Campground Information

OPEN? Heck ya!!

We are open.  Keep in mind your Covid situation, please!!

Office and Store Hours

Office Hours:
10 am to 6 pm.

Pool and Hot Tub update.

Pool is closed today due to a serious family accident.  We plan to have it opened again asap.  No hot tub at this time due to Covid.  Sorry!!!

Check in and out times.

Check in after 1 pm and check out is by 11am.  Please honor these times.  Thank you!

Visitor Policy

Visitors are welcome and must stop in the office before entering the park.  Thank you.

Restroom Cleaning Hours

Restroom cleaning hours 11am to 1pm.  Please abide by the cleaning hours if possible.  Thank you.  KOA staff.

Campground fires

Due to drought and fires, no campfires are allowed.  Charcoal and propane grills are allowed.

This is camping.

Remember this is not an elite resort.  This is getting back to nature and dealing with what God gives us.  We have a glorious world and surroundings.  Get to know it and all its purposes. Be glad to be part of it.  Yes, even the weather, the bugs and drought and abide by the fire rules.  Things out of our control are just that, out of our control, even those nasty weeds that grow faster than we can keep up. We certainly try though.  Even those sticky goat heads in the dry grass.  Enjoy it all and be glad to be outside. It is just nature.  You are camping, after all.

A note from Gina.

My husband, Dave, has taken a terrible fall from a 30 ft ladder!!  I am very lucky to have him alive but the park is suffering that TLC that he puts into it.  Sorry for the closed pool and various other grounds maintenance. We will have everything taken care of ASAP.  Sorry!!!   Pray for his recovery.  Thank you for your understanding!!! Gina - Owner.

Meet Your Hosts

Dave and Gina Trzebiatowski

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again. :) and again!

"We love what we do and do what we love!",  says Gina and Dave.  Please come join us this summer.  We have been owners of Hardin Koa since 2013.  It is always exciting for us to run the campground and meeting all you nice folks.