Pandemic Camping - State of Campgrounds as of April 24, 2020

Pandemic Camping - State of Campgrounds as of April 24, 2020


I Know We Are!   These past few months have brought major disruption to our lives and to every industry in this Country (and the world)!  Campgrounds are no exception!   

If you are planning a road trip, you need to understand that the US is not yet at the point where you can take off without a plan, knowing you will find a friendly campground for the evening. 

As of today, more than 90% of Americans are under some sort of stay-at-home order. The status of campgrounds across the country is Mixed and Confusing.  You will want to call ahead on every leg of your journey until things return to “normal”.

Campgrounds across the country are subject to various Federal/State and Local orders as to what services they can offer or whether they can even open at all!

Most campgrounds are permitted to provide only Essential Services, and no recreational amenities.  Typically, you should expect: 

  • Offices, Stores and Common Areas are Closed
  • Playgrounds, Pools, Game Rooms, etc. are Closed
  • Bathhouses are Closed.  
  • No Cabin, Lodge or Tent Camping
  • Often Limited to Only Long-term Campers, in Self Contained RVs
  • Social Distancing is a Requirement on the Campgrounds
  • Laundry Rooms and Dog Parks, May Be Open with Modifications
  • Propane Sales and Some Store and Food Sales May Still Be Offered

BUT, This Will Not Last Forever! So, Barry & I are getting ready.  We don’t know a lot, but we do know that camping this summer will be different than before.   You should expect that “changes” will continue throughout 2020 and the rules will be different from town to town and campground to campground!  

We Know We Don’t Have to Sell You on the Benefits of Camping! 

Pool’s may not be open, but mountain streams are!

Restaurant’s may not be open – but picnics in a canyon are amazing! 

We will all need to be flexible and work together to make the best of this situation.  Campers are flexible.  Overcoming obstacles is part of a camper’s nature.  Adventures are messy.  Flat tires, equipment malfunctions, and wacky weather are the norm.   

But We Know Campers Gotta Camp! We look forward to figuring it out with you!

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