Mushrooming in Gaylord MI

After a long cold winter, warm spring rains are a welcome sight in Northern Michigan. Not only do they mark the upcoming camping season, they also forecast another type of outdoor lover's activity: Mushroom hunting! 

Morel mushrooms usually pop up in May, though they can be found well into June. Look for these tasty treats in hilly areas, close to streams, and in areas recently burned. Make sure you have a good field guide handy, as not to mistake a real morel for a false one- which can make you sick. 

With the proper guidance, these delicious and nutritious little morsels make an amazing scavenger hunt..and the best part? You can hunt them right off of the campground! Spend your days hiking, morel hunting, and enjoying all that Michigan forests have to offer. Then, when you're ready to wind down for the night, settle in around a warm crackling fire with a cold beer and cook up your scores right over the open flames. We'll see you there! 

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