General Campground Information

Cancellation Policy

Need to Cancel? Please call us at 276.728.7776  by 4pm.
Cancellation fee is $10. 
Any cancellation after required notice will forfeit the entire one night deposit.

Holiday and Special Events: 14 days cancellation notice is required for ALL site types.
Lodge, Deluxe Cabins & Camping Cabins: 7 days cancellation notice required.
RV & Tent Sites: 48 hours cancelation notice is required

Camp Store Boutique

Come experience our camp store boutique that has a flair of old down home. We offer a fun assortment of items for your camping experience, great handbags made from retired Military tents, and souvenirs from Fancy Gap Virginia.  We have fun step back in time  toys as well as some new Kindness Rocks items.
We are open at 9 am every morning and close at 8 pm most nights, see store hours posted at the bath houses and at the store.
Come grab a cup off coffee as you head out for your adventures for the day, 
We have ice cream to enjoy  for a corn hole game on our patio

Tents and RV sites

Tents for overnight sleeping are not allowed on RV sites.


Due to the high potential of property damage and personal injury fire works of any kind are not allowed. Hillsville and Mt Airy have fire works on the 4th of July Celebrations.

Kiddie Pools and Hot Tubs

We do not allow the use of Portable Hot Tubs or Small Kiddie Pools at any of our sites.

Inclement Weather/Reservation Guarantee & Deposit Refunds

Inclement Weather / Reservation Guarantee & Deposit Refunds - We fully understand that inclement weather is not as ideal for camping, but unfortunately, the weather is not in our control. As a result, we won't take credit for the sunshine nor the blame for the rain. When reservations are made, guests must understand that they are agreeing to our cancellation policies for their camping plans. While we cannot guarantee the weather will be perfect for your stay (although we certainly hope it will), WE GUARANTEE that once your camping reservations are made, we ensure that a camping experience with us is available only for you, and as such, we turn away all other prospective guests from that point forward. As a business, we also incur an expense to process reservations via your credit card payment. Therefore, even in instances of inclement weather, refunds of reservation deposits will be made consistent with our cancellation policies.

Skate Boards, Bikes and Scooters and Hover boards

Skate Boards, Bikes and Scooters and Hover boards - It is highly recommended that the user wear proper PPE for onsite use of these items. Hills are great, but the speed and crash that has happened can be life changing.
These are allowed during daytime hours but not after dark. We ask bike riders to go slow and watch for people who are walking, and please don't ride bikes around the pond or through campsites.

Check-in and Check-out times

Check in time is 1pm for RV sites and 2 pm for cabins. If you would like to stay another night, please let us know before 10 am the day of departure. If site not requested we will be happy to accommodate.

Check Out - 12pm for RV and Lodging.  There is a $10.00 charge for a late check-out, per hour.

Flag / Political Displays

Due to the current environment that our society is experiencing, the ONLY flags that are allowed to be displayed are:
  • The Official American Flag
  • The Official State Flag of your choice
  • The Official Armed Services Flags
  • Official First Responder Flags
  • Holiday Themed Flag (Easter, 4th July, Halloween, etc)
  • The KOA Flag

Any type of political media is NOT allowed.

Trees in the park are not to be used for hanging of the flags, see management for clarification.

Pool Hours

Our pool hours are 10 am to 8 pm during the summer. Memorial Day through Labor Day
No street clothes in swimming pool; only swimwear.
No Life Guard On-Duty
Younger than 18 MUST be accompanied by an Adult

Recreational Marijuana Prohibited

Although Virginia voters approved recreational use of marijuana, management is exercising the legal right to control its use on our private property.  In order to maintain a family-friendly camping environment, and due to previous issues, use of marijuana is PROHIBITED ANYWHERE ON OUR GROUNDS.  As a reminder, vaping or smoking of any kind is prohibited inside of our cabins or Lodge, and violators are subject to damage fees.   Any guest using marijuana which causes a disturbance to other campers will be required to immediately cease its use or face ejection from the park without refund.

Parents & Kids

Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children at all times. Children 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult in the restrooms, game room, and around the pond. Children must be at their site after dark and always supervised by an adult.

Firewood / Campfires Policy

  • Campfires are allowed in fire rings only. Please do not move fire rings to other areas.
  • You are welcome to bring your own firewood, please do not leave any behind.
  • We have fire wood for sale, stop by or call the store - we deliver to your site

DO NOT CUT down any trees in the campground or on the Blue Ridge Parkway Property

Clothes lines

For safety, clotheslines are not to be tied to trees. Dryers are available in the Laundry room.

Charge to Site Cashless Purchases

For your convenience, General Store and Cafe cashless purchases can be applied to site through your "Charge to Site" account. Receipts for each individual purchase are automatically emailed at time of purchase providing an updated running total. On the day of departure, guests may settle up before leaving with a one-time cash payment or the credit card on file will be billed for the total amount of all purchases. Default maximum limit is $300 or can be blocked at time of arrival.

Visitor Policy

We welcome your visitors and ask that they or you stop by the store and check-in with us.It will cost 10 dollars per person and they have full use of the park as registered guest. If your guest are coming by to pick you up and or drop you off then there is no need to pay the fee. Just let us know. We need to keep everyone as safe as possible when it comes to the public driving through our park.

Quiet Hours

Our quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am. We strictly enforce our peace and quiet. Please remember your neighboring campers after 10pm, Walls are thin.

If you come in for late arrival or have to leave early, please be considerate of fellow campers.

Golf Carts, Mopeds, Motor Bike, ATV's

The campground is small and hilly. We do not allow Golf Carts, Mopeds, Motor Bikes, ATV's on our property.
If you or your guest need a ride around the campground for shopping, laundry, etc. just let us know - we will pick you up (Fancy Uber)

Pet Policy

Well-behaved pets, or service dogs, are welcome but must always be on a leash and under the control and visual observation of its owner... never left unattended. Please also clean up after your pet. Pets are not permitted in any building, playground or pool. A $25 pet fee is charged for guests staying in our pet-friendly cabins. To ensure that all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable time, aggressive dogs of any breed are not welcome. If your dog shows behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers, we encourage you to leave it at home. If you decide to bring your dog and it exhibits this type of behavior, you will be asked to please find other camping accommodations.
We have 3 specific sites that have their own private dog park. (Sites 41,43,45)
  • We also have 39" tall and 24" tall portable fencing that we can deliver to your site for you to set up the way you want. Super Easy!!!! Stop by the store for details.

Trash Pick-up

We will pick up your trash, just place it out at the end of your site for pick up before we close for the day.
The campground has frequent visits by Bears, Raccoons, Possums, Foxes and others that are looking for a good meal. Please, Don't leave your trash out overnight.

Big Rigs

We Escort All Campers to your Sites
  • We are big rig capable, if you have a 40ft plus rig (Fifth Wheel, Motor Home, etc.) let us know so we can get you into the correct site to meet your needs. Wide turns, slow a steady with an escort will ensure you get where you need to be.
  • If you are coming in after hours, please let us know ahead of time so we can meet you to guide you to your campsite.
  • Big campsites are limited so the early reservations make it easier on all parties.
  • There are a few cases where a Motor Home Towing might have to disconnect in order to get you to the site.(full size vehicles towed or big trailers)
  • Motor Home Towing a enclosed trailer - please call
  • Horse Trailers types (very low to ground) are limited to certain campsites and need to exit the park a different way. Contact us for more information.

Parking in Campground

Not all sites can have 2 vehicles being parked. If this is the case get with the staff to show you where you will be able to park your second vehicle.
If you have guest coming to spend some time with you, please get with staff for parking arangments.

Auxilery parking is between site 7 and the dumpster behind the camp store

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages must be kept at your site. Management reserves the right to ask you or your guests to leave without refund for excessive drinking or any objectionable behavior.

Meet Your Hosts

Dave & Angie Bower

"How hard can it be to own a campground"

From corporate to campfire, we are Dave and Angie Bower. The decision to get into the campground business was made around a campfire with one simple question, "How hard can it be to own a campground?" We researched for two years and here we are, loving every moment. Every year work campers continue to come be apart of our team and work hand in hand with us to provide a fun, relaxing, outdoor experience while connecting with each other and us. 

When the campground is closed during the winter, We visit family in central Virginia and travel with our 2 fur babies, Charlie Brown and Mugzy. Y'all come see us.