CDC approved COVID-19 Disinfectants and appropriate social distancing measures have been implemented. Our pool, hot tub, and fire pit are available on a limited seating capacity. The City of Deadwood has reopened, restaurants are seating inside but the Deadwood City Trolley is in operation.

More Details

There are many activities in Deadwood and the Black Hills that you can enjoy while you are here.  Hiking in Spearfish Canyon, biking on the Mickelson Trail, enjoying the baby buffalo on a drive through Custer State Park or taking the dogs for a walk on the trail.  Many of the restaurants and casinos in Deadwood are open, including our favorite, Legends.  The Deadwood City Trolley is in operation,  a taxi will also take you into town for about $10.  Our pool, hot tub and community fire pit are available with limited appropriate social distancing seating.
Our cleaning staff uses CDC approved COVID-19 disinfectant daily in restrooms, the office and laundry.  This is also applied to the cabins after each guest departs.  The disinfectant process requires "dwell time" so we ask that campers respect the "Closed for Cleaning" barriers.  We will remove the barrier as soon as possible.  Our satellite restrooms are a set of 3 individual shower/toilet/sink unisex restrooms.  Campers may use their own disinfectants, however any product containing bleach may cause an adverse reaction if it is mixed with our products.  We are limiting access to our community restrooms to no more that 3 at a time.
Curbside check-in is available.  Our campstore is fully stocked and we can deliver with contactless payment when requested.