12 Fun Things To Do in South Haven, Michigan, This Summer

12 Fun Things To Do in South Haven, Michigan, This Summer

Things to Do in South Haven, Michigan, in Summer

If you're looking for lots to do and see this summer, South Haven, Michigan, has you covered. The small beach town packs many outdoor activities, serene views and holiday fun. The shores of Lake Michigan offer new adventures and experiences to fill your travel itinerary daily. 

Warm nights watching fireworks over Lake Michigan, the great outdoors, camping under the stars, rolling vineyards and a charming beach town are just a peak of what South Haven offers you. 

Why Vacation in South Haven in Summer

South Haven offers a memorable summer vacation. The small Lake Michigan beach town has beautiful beaches and many fun summer activities. You can spend your summer vacation enjoying the great outdoors, hiking, tanning, sailing the ocean or shopping in downtown South Haven. 

You may stumble upon magical experiences like camping under the stars and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, venturing through markets or exploring vineyards.

Fun Summer Things to Do in South Haven 

Whether you're a local or traveling to South Haven for a summer vacation, there are many fun activities and events to partake in and enjoy. Here are some fun things to do in South Haven in the summer:

Spend Time at the Beach

South Haven offers numerous beaches with a variety of watersports and beautiful views. North Beach is one of the most popular beaches in South Haven for enjoying watersports, watching the sunset, walks and quality time with family and friends. 

North Beach is wheelchair-friendly and convenient, making it accessible for everyone. You can also walk to town from North Beach, making it a perfect place to spend your day before or after shopping and exploring restaurants. 

Camp Near the Beach

Camping is a convenient and affordable activity to take advantage of while vacationing during summer in South Haven. Camping provides an alternative to your usual summer vacation rentals in Michigan. 

Experience South Haven in the summer with an affordable and enjoyable KOA Campground accommodation near Lake Michigan shores. Enjoy the summer days and nights from the campground, central to various Lake Michigan beaches and popular activities. You can also participate in multiple Covert / South Haven KOA Campground summer holiday events and enjoy a selection of amenities and services at various accommodations.

Explore a Lighthouse

The South Haven lighthouse will give you an exceptional and memorable experience if you want a unique summer vacation excursion. Expect to learn about the history of the South Haven lighthouse and some breathtaking views of Lake Michigan on your lighthouse outing. Stop by the lighthouse to watch a sunset and snap some beautiful pictures to share with friends and family. 

Go Wine Tasting 

Breathtaking views and a variety of excellent wine selections and pairings are what you'll experience on a wine-tasting outing in South Haven. You can enjoy a scenic drive to Cogdal Vineyards, where you can take in the quaint vineyard and all its offerings. Enjoy various wine pairings and take in the view from the vineyards' patio, and if you're lucky, you may catch a few musical performances to add to your perfect summer day. 

Do Some Shopping

Whether you want to buy some unique travel memorabilia or grab a coffee, downtown South Haven offers an outstanding shopping experience. Spend a day out exploring various stores and markets in the lively downtown shopping district. Browse or shop at boutique and vintage gift stores, flower markets, bookstores and artwork galleries or buy fresh blueberries, syrups and snacks. 

South Haven's shopping town is within walking distance of many Lake Michigan beaches and an excellent outing to add to your summer vacation itinerary. 

See Some Mermaids 

If you want to experience a magical and fun South Haven event this summer, head over to the 2023 International Mermaid Festival. Merfest offers a full day of fun for kids and parents — experience live local and international mermaid and merman performances. Kids and parents can learn how to swim like a mermaid and participate in various exciting activities, games and competitions. Enjoy an outing of music, food, fun and a full day of mermaid entertainment.  

Enjoy a Parade

If you want another fun summer event on your South Haven summer vacation, join the festivities at the 4th of July parade. You can enjoy a summer's day out filled with food, parade floats, artwork and many fun activities for kids and parents. The festivities occur on Independence Day, so you can plan your summer trip to schedule a day or weekend of parade fun. 

Visit Museums

Various museums in South Haven offer an exciting day out. You can visit the Michigan Flywheelers Museum to tour old farm machinery. Learn how blacksmiths manufactured farm machinery in the 1920s and experience various restored and preserved antique machinery. You can also enjoy different events and flea markets on your tour of the Flywheelers Museum. The Flywheelers Museum occupies acres of land so that you can enjoy some history and a lovely day outdoors. 

If you want to experience some Great Lakes history, head to the Maritime Museum. Tour the Maritime Heritage Museum or enjoy the Great Lakes' lively Maritime harbor.

Pick Blueberries

Take advantage of the summer days as Mid-July to September is blueberry season in Michigan. There are many blueberry farms in South Haven and multiple ways to enjoy the popular fruit. Blueberry picking at Bumbleberry Acres is a fun outing for kids and parents. You can also enjoy a picnic, market and various events and activities for the whole family. 

South Haven also hosts a National Blueberry Festival each year which offers a day full of competitions, events and entertainment. 

Take the Kids to Play

Keep your kids entrained all summer long in South Haven by visiting the Kids Corner Playground. The playground offers dynamic wooden structures, including slides, bridges and towers. Enjoy some fun and lunch under the picnic shelter. 

The playground overlooks Lake Michigan and is an excellent summer outing for the whole family. 

Visit a State Park 

Plan a walk or hike through one of South Havens' State Parks. Hike the Kal-Haven Heritage Trail, one of Michigan's historic hiking trails. Kal-Haven offers scenic landscapes, sunsets, an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and some history. 

Another historical Michigan park is the Van Buren State Park which stretches' all across Lake Michigan. Enjoy various hiking trails surrounded by forest and scenic beach shores or grab your picnic basket and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Lake Michigan shoreline. 

Watch the Fireworks

Light up your summer vacation with some Independence Day fireworks. Pack your blankets and watch the firework display over Lake Michigan from South, North Beach or North Pier. The firework show offers a marvelous spectacle with various electric colors illuminating the shores and skies of Michigan. 

Plan Your South Haven Summer Vacation 

South Haven has much to offer and add to your summer vacation travel itinerary. Fill your summer days with numerous outdoor activities, breathtaking beach views and adventure around every corner. 

Experience South Haven, Michigan, with an affordable stay at Covert / South Haven KOA Holiday Campground within walking distance of Lake Michigan beaches and incredible views of vineyards and orchards. You can easily commute to famous attractions, shops and activities from your KOA Campground or enjoy on-site recreational activities. 

Camp under the stars, play board games, watch the fireworks and tour South Haven, Michigan, with a stay at KOA Campground. Reserve accommodation at Covert / South Haven KOA Holiday today!

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