5 Tips for Planning Your Next Lake Michigan Beach Vacation

5 Tips for Planning Your Next Lake Michigan Beach Vacation

How to Plan Your Next Lake Michigan Beach Vacation

With over 1,000 miles of gorgeous shoreline, Lake Michigan creates a beautiful vacation destination you will love visiting again and again. The lake boasts sandy beaches, sparkling blue water and stunning views. If you plan to travel to Lake Michigan beaches, use this guide to help you enjoy your vacation.

Consider What You Want to Do

A vacation at Lake Michigan means more than tanning on the sand or splashing in the waves. If you want a beach vacation, consider other activities to enjoy nearby. You can visit local wineries, hike along the lake, climb dunes or enjoy local shopping. Depending on your interests, you may find that one vacation spot suits you better. 

Find a Vacation Spot

Here are a few of the best Lake Michigan vacation spots to choose from:

  1. South Haven: This city has several beautiful beaches, a walkable downtown area and a striking red lighthouse. You can also enjoy local wine and beer, and hiking on nearby nature trails. 
  2. Silver Lake: For those looking to explore, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes have it all. You can drive recreational vehicles in certain dune areas and hike in other spots. The area also has nice beaches and cozy small towns.
  3. Holland: This destination has a large beach and beautiful dunes. You can also enjoy bike trails and a historic downtown area.
  4. Ludington: Home to Ludington State Park and a gorgeous beach, this vacation spot offers plenty to do. It also hosts a busy fishing scene.
  5. Charlevoix: This resort town has golf courses, fishing charters and a beautiful downtown area. It also has pretty beaches where you can bask in the sunshine.

Plan for the Weather

Michigan weather can change drastically, even during the summer. You might enjoy one sunny, 80-degree day, then 50-degree weather with rain the next day. If you plan a beach vacation, prepare for these weather changes by packing the right gear for any conditions. 

Bring your beach towel and an umbrella for those hot days, but remember to pack sweatshirts or jackets for cool days and nights. If you plan to camp, pack any necessary rain gear as well as some extra blankets to ensure you stay warm in your tent or camper. 

You can also prepare for the weather by planning both indoor and outdoor activities. Plan for a few relaxing beach days, then schedule wine tasting or a museum visit to keep you occupied if the sun disappears for a day.

Leave Room to Explore

The Michigan lakeshore is home to many hidden gems, from exciting views to local restaurants and shops. When planning your Lake Michigan vacation, leave some free time so you can relax and enjoy the local landscape. You might find a new favorite restaurant or a hiking trail with a beautiful view. 

The best part about a beach vacation is finding time to unwind and take things slow. You can plan a few top activities, but feel free to adapt your schedule to enjoy extra beach time or a pleasant stroll through a Lake Michigan vacation town.

Get Your Ideal Beach Vacation in South Haven

If you want a Michigan beach vacation, South Haven offers everything you need for a delightful trip. You can enjoy pleasant beaches, recreational activities, and a delightful downtown area. If you are looking for Lake Michigan vacation rentals in this area, Covert / South Haven KOA Holiday provides a great destination. 

You can find camping and lodging options to suit every camper. The campground also offers many unique amenities to keep you entertained during your stay. Browse our lodging options and book a site today.

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