Cape Hatteras Beachfront Glamping Guide

Cape Hatteras Beachfront Glamping Guide

Glamping can be described precisely as its word combination suggests — glamorous camping. This form of camping is far from roughing it, and it has become more popular in the last couple of years. In fact, Kampgrounds of America's North American Camping Report found that 40% of new campers tried glamping in 2021.

There are plenty of options to customize your experience to fit your style. Glamping has plenty of amenities and luxuries that do not exist within the confines of traditional camping. 

Suppose you would prefer an actual mattress, running water, a flushing toilet or air conditioning when enjoying nature and exploring the beach. In that case, glamping in Cape Hatteras with Kampgrounds of America is for you.

Camping vs. Glamping

While the intentions of camping and glamping are typically to get out and enjoy nature, the details are drastically different. 

Glamping bridges the gap between traditional camping and the comfort of home. Regular camping trips usually do not allow space for cozy bedding and ingredients for three-course meals, but glamping does! Booking a glamping trip is the perfect way to experience the luxuries of a beach vacation rental while still experiencing the peace and quiet of traditional camping.

Beach Glamping Tips

Glamping on a beach is its own unique experience. Follow these tips for your glamping trip on the shore:

Decide How You Want to Stay

When you go glamping on the waters of the Outer Banks, you have a variety of ways to stay so that you can enjoy the ocean breeze, but still be protected from the elements. Try out our Vacation Suites or Deluxe Cabins for a beach house feel, or for the ultimate glamping experience, try out our brand new Glamping Tents — a traditional canvas tent structure with a covered deck, a queen-sized bed, mini-fridge, Keurig coffee maker and more!

Designate an Area Outside to Brush Off Sand

Beach days mean lots and lots of sand. Be sure to designate an area of your campsite to clean off before going inside. While some sand may inevitably sneak its way inside, it is a good idea to try to get as much off outside as possible.

 Pack Lots of Sunscreen — And Aloe

Sunny days are here to stay, but the fun of beach vacations ends when someone gets a sunburn. Pack plenty of sunscreen to last your entire stay, and include aloe for some soothing relief just in case. Cape Hatteras/Outer Banks KOA Resort also provides covered decks on our Glamping Sites to protect you from any harsh rays.

Don't Forget the Beach Equipment

Before you leave, ensure you have all the beach equipment you need, including games, chairs and umbrellas. Even if you have forgotten something before you head out, though, you don't need to worry. Cape Hatteras/Outer Banks KOA Resort has its own General Store to purchase last-minute items.

Pack for Comfort

Depending on where you stay, a Glamping Tent, Vacation Suite, or Deluxe Cabin will have the major essentials for your trip, including a queen bed, mini-fridge, Keurig coffee maker and TV. At the beach, the days are warm, but the evenings may get chilly, so bringing a sweatshirt may be a good idea. After all, this is glamping, so if there is something extra that invites your own home into the space, bring it!

Allow for Relaxation

No matter where you stay, let yourself relax. The idea of glamping is to make you feel pampered, and the beach is the ideal location. You can even hang out by the pool or grab a bite to eat, all without leaving the campground. Lay back, take a deep breath and unwind in complete comfort. 

Things to Do While Glamping on Cape Hatteras

The Cape Hatteras/Outer Banks KOA Resort is near the cozy village of Rodanthe, NC, and Hatteras Island. These charming places are the perfect backdrop for a getaway, providing a little something for everyone in your group. While here, explore some of these attractions:

  • Picnic at Cape Hatteras National Seashore
  • Observe a turtle pond at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge
  • See where the Wright brothers first took flight at the Wright Brothers National Memorial
  • Visit Ocracoke Island — once home to Blackbeard the pirate — and the oldest operating lighthouse in North Carolina
  • Climb the Cape Hatteras lighthouse for a breathtaking view
  • Take a dunes day at Jockey's Ridge State Park
  • Embark on a half or full-day fishing trip with Hatteras Fishing Charters
  • Explore shipwrecks at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
  • Embrace your inner regency on a tour of the Elizabethan Gardens
  • Cruise the beaches of OBX in search of Colonial Spanish Mustangs with Wild Horse Adventure Tours
  • Kiteboard with REAL Watersports, Inc.
  • And more!

Plan an OBX Glamping Trip at KOA

Glamping is the new camping. Whether your family decides to keep active with water sports, visit historical sites or relax on the beach, Cape Hatteras/Outer Banks KOA Resort is the perfect choice. We are committed to providing even the most minor details, like picnic tables for a meal outside and indoor and outdoor activities for your whole group. These small things can make a significant impact. 

Get ready to enjoy Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks in total comfort. Choose KOA as your glamping destination and make a reservation in our new Glamping Tents today! 

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