The 5 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ontario

The 5 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ontario

With a history that spans 12,000 years, scenic natural wonders and so many exciting places to see, Ontario is the perfect family destination. Here are five of the best and most beautiful places to visit.

1. Niagara Falls

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Ontario is the world-famous Niagara Falls. This natural wonder is one of Canada's most popular tourist attractions, with millions of tourists trekking to it every year.

One of the largest sections of Niagara Falls is Horseshoe Falls, which spans between Canada and the U.S. Niagara Falls is a great place to visit because the surrounding town is also brimming with attractions

2. Ontario's Petroglyphs Provincial Park

The national and provincial parks are some of the best places to visit in Ontario. A fascinating place to visit is the Petroglyphs Provincial Park. The park allows your family to witness history up close, with an array of 1,000-year-old Aboriginal rock carvings.

The sacred site known as "The Teaching Rocks" has Canada's largest known cluster of petroglyphs.

3. The CN Tower

Situated in Ontario's capital city, the CN Tower is one of Canada's top attractions and was once the tallest structure in the world. If your family visits the CN Tower, you can expect to see the best views of Lake Ontario and the city. 

For the more adventurous visitors, the harnessed EdgeWalk is a must. Imagine doing a circular, hands-free journey around the tower's exterior, about 116 floors in the air. 

4. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) 

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is a real treat for anyone who loves culture, science and natural history. The museum is home to 13 million artworks, cultural artifacts and natural history items. There are always exciting new exhibitions at the ROM, from wildlife photography to dinosaur simulations.

If you have kids, consider the day clubs, which have many hands-on activities and educational fun.

5. Canada's Wonderland 

Since 1981, Canada's Wonderland has been one of the best Ontario destinations for thrills and adventure. Situated just north of Toronto, the amusement park has over 200 attractions. With over 16 roller coasters, two dedicated kid's areas and a 20-acre water park, Canada's Wonderland provides plenty of fun all year round.

There are also live shows, a dinosaur park and festivals offering four seasons of excitement. 

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