Covered Bridge Tour

Covered Bridge Tour

With over 100 covered bridges to explore in Vermont, it's no surprise you can see ten within a thirty-minute radius from the campground. You can enjoy a unique variety of bridges, all picturesque in their own way: short, long, closed, open, red-brown, with windows, or without.  Vermont has the most covered bridges per square mile. So hop in your car and go explore!

Creamery Covered Bridge
500 Western Ave, Brattleboro
             Your first stop is right in Brattleboro near Memorial Park and the Brattleboro Summer Farmers Market. The Creamery Covered Bridge dates back to 1879 and uses the Town Lattice construction that is widely used for New England covered bridges. This picture-perfect covered bridge was recently retired in 2010 to a pedestrian bridge but there are places to park nearby.

Dummerston Covered Bridge
2891 W River Rd, Dummerston, VT
             This bridge is closest to the campground and is the longest covered bridge that is entirely in the state of Vermont. Built in 1872 this bridge crosses over the West River and has a small parking lot at the end of the bridge where you can park and even sneak down to the River to enjoy a dip. 

Williamsville Covered Bridge
Dover Rd, Williamsville, VT
              The last covered bridge in Newfane, VT crosses the Rock River. It is a single lane bridge with 11 feet of clearance. 

Scott Covered Bridge
3049 State Forest Rd, Townshend, VT
              Built back in 1870 this covered bridge spans the beautiful West River. One of the longest covered bridges, behind the Dummerston Covered Bridge, this bridge is located in Townshend, VT. 

McWilliam Covered Bridge
533 Townshend Rd, Grafton, VT
             Nicknamed the Cheese Company Covered Bridge, this bridge is named after the McWilliam Family. This family is a keystone in the Vermont dairy industry, owning one of three historic farms in the town of Grafton as well as re-establishing the Grafton Village Cheese Company in 1968. 

Kidder Covered Bridge
99 Water St #53, Grafton, VT
             Crossing the Saxtons River in Grafton, VT, this 1870s bridge is the towns last surviving 19th-century covered bridge and is the shortest in the county as well 

Bartonsville Covered Bridge
Bellows Falls, VT
             In 2012 this covered bridge was built replacing the original bridge built back in 1870. Sadly the original bridge washed away during a flood caused by Hurricane Irene. 

Worrall Covered Bridge
Bellows Falls, VT
             Right down the road from the Bartonsville Covered Bridge it also takes you across the Williams River. It is the last of seventeen 19th-century bridges that called this town it's home. 

The Kissing Bridge
1292 Rockingham Rd, Bellows Falls, VT
             Located at the Vermont Country Store’s Rockingham location, this bridge pays homage to the horse-and-buggy days, when a boy would stop halfway across a covered bridge to give a girl a kiss.

Lunch Recommendations 

            We love to stop here for lunch, check out Smoking Bowls or the Vermont Tea House for delicious soups or an afternoon tea!

Hall Covered Bridge
Hall Bridge Rd, Bellows Falls, VT
Crossing the Saxtons River once again this bridge was built in 1982 as a replica of an 1867 bridge that was destroyed by an overweight truck in 1980.

Each covered bridge brings you to a beautiful town full of delicious foods and local history. So make sure to take your time as you explore the area. You will be surprised by what gems you may find.


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