5 Waterfalls and Gorges Near Brattleboro North KOA Journey

5 Waterfalls and Gorges Near Brattleboro North KOA Journey

Located in the tranquil beauty of Vermont and New Hampshire, the Brattleboro North KOA Journey campground is a perfect starting point for outdoor enthusiasts eager to explore the region's natural wonders. Within just an hour's drive, adventurers can discover breathtaking waterfalls and awe-inspiring gorges that showcase the raw beauty of the area's landscapes. Here are five of our favorite destinations waiting to be explored:

  1. Old Jelly Mill Falls (Dummerston, Vermont) – 15 minutes away
    Just a short drive from the campground lies Old Jelly Mill Falls in Dummerston, Vermont, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Tucked away in a secluded forest setting, this charming waterfall cascades over rocky ledges, creating a serene oasis amidst the lush greenery. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely hike along the scenic trail that leads to the falls, immersing themselves in the peaceful ambience of this natural paradise.
  2. Chesterfield Gorge (Chesterfield, New Hampshire) - 15 minutes away
    Crossing into neighboring New Hampshire, Chesterfield Gorge offers a stunning display of natural beauty waiting to be explored. Carved by the powerful currents of the East Branch of the Westfield River, this scenic gorge features towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and tranquil pools. Visitors can hike along the network of trails that wind through the gorge, immersing themselves in the peaceful ambiance of this hidden gem.
  3. Beaver Brook Falls (Keene, New Hampshire) - 30 minutes away
    Embark on a scenic drive to Keene, New Hampshire, and discover the captivating Beaver Brook Falls. This picturesque waterfall cascades gracefully over rocky ledges, surrounded by lush greenery and towering trees. A short hike along the trail leads to the base of the falls, where visitors can marvel at the natural beauty of this hidden gem and enjoy the surrounding peaceful forest.
  4. Pulpit Falls (Chesterfield, New Hampshire) - 35 minutes away
    Located in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, Pulpit Falls offers a serene escape into nature. This charming waterfall cascades over rocky ledges into a tranquil pool below, creating a peaceful oasis amidst the forest. A short hike through the woods leads to the falls, where visitors can relax and soak in the beauty of their surroundings.
  5. Quechee Gorge (Hartford, Vermont) – 1 hour away
    Often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the East," Quechee Gorge is a natural wonder that must not be missed. Carved by the Ottauquechee River, this stunning gorge features towering cliffs and rushing waters that create a mesmerizing spectacle. Visitors can admire panoramic views from the Quechee Gorge Bridge or hike along the trails that wind through the surrounding wilderness, offering unparalleled vistas of this geological marvel.

Whether you're seeking adventure or simply longing to reconnect with nature, these five waterfalls and gorges offer an unforgettable experience just waiting to be discovered within an hour's drive from the Brattleboro North KOA Journey campground. So pack your bags, hit the road, and prepare to be amazed by the wonders that await!

About Brattleboro North KOA Journey:

Brattleboro North KOA Journey offers premier camping amidst Vermont's picturesque landscapes. Our campground provides spacious RV sites with full hookups and cozy cabins equipped with modern amenities. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, our friendly staff ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Come experience the beauty of Vermont at Brattleboro North KOA Journey – your ultimate camping destination. We can be reached at 802.254.5908 or at www.brattleborokoa.com

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