Fairgrounds in Billings, MT

Fairgrounds in Billings, MT

Billings, Montana, offers many fun experiences the whole family will enjoy. During your vacation or a quick getaway to the area, ensure you stop by MetraPark and the Montana Fair. Both places provide loads of laughter, excitement and time well spent with your family.

Billings KOA Holiday is an excellent option when you need a place to stay. Our campground is close to the action, making it easy for guests to make their way to the festivities.


MetraPark is the go-to place for events in Billings, Montana. Whether there is a concert, comedy special or local fair, it is most likely at MetraPark. The Billings Fairgrounds consists of multiple buildings to ensure events of all sizes can happen in the area. 

What Is MetraPark?

MetraPark is a complex with multiple buildings that stretch over 189 acres to accommodate various trade, entertainment, athletic, agricultural and educational programs. The multi-use complex provides efficient services for every event held there. MetraPark is about a 10-minute drive from Billings KOA Holiday.

The complex was built after the original building on the grounds, the Midland Empire Auditorium, burned down in 1969. The Midland Empire Auditorium was the main building for the annual fair. Instead of rebuilding the same facility, the board members in charge of the area decided it would be best to create a facility that could serve multiple purposes year-round. 

Things to Do at MetraPark

Four main facilities and a few others make up MetraPark:

  • First Interstate Arena
  • Montana Pavilion
  • Expo Center
  • Arena Half House
  • Chiesa Plaza
  • Super Barn

At these facilities, you can visit to experience many programs and events like:

  • Concerts
  • Sports games
  • Circuses
  • Ice shows
  • Comedy shows
  • Business, entertainment and cultural expos
  • Rodeos
  • Festivals
  • Fairs

MetraPark can host any event. When visiting Billings, check out the different events at MetraPark during your trip. You could find new comedians or artists you will love.

Montana Fair

Join friends and family at the Billings Montana Fair for a week in August. The fair is a fun time for everyone to get together and celebrate the end of summer with rides, livestock competitions, horticulture, crafts, games, food and diverse exhibits. You and your family will have a blast walking around and trying all the activities.

What Is the Montana Fair?

The Montana Fair is one of the most anticipated fairs in Billings, Montana, every year. It is the region's largest event, with nearly 250,000 attendees annually. The fair celebrates all things agriculture to pay homage to the area's farmers, crafters, gardeners and hobbyists. 

The fair takes place at MetraPark, which provides plenty of space for the various events, rides and activities held throughout the week. In the fair's many competitions, nearly 10,000 people will earn prizes, from cash to ribbons, commemorating their hard work.

The Montana Fair started in 1916 but was known as the Midland Empire Fair for the first 60 years. When it began, the fair brought together people from all over Northern Wyoming and Montana, allowing them to showcase the projects they had worked on all year. Three years later, in 1919, the Midland Empire Fair grew to be the biggest it had ever been, with increased attendees and events.

Thanks to the fair's popularity, Montana became known for purebred livestock, which was and still is a big component of the fair. In addition to the livestock exhibits and competitions, other events like horse races and the rodeo drew thousands of people in. After 60 years, the fair's name changed to Yellowstone Exhibition to help more people find it. It lasted for about 14 years before the final name change to Montana Fair occurred. Though the fair has undergone various name changes, its mission and passion for celebrating agriculture and education remain strong.

You can learn about the fair's history and see how it has changed by visiting the Billings Fairgrounds. The Montana Fair happens 10 minutes away from Billings KOA Holiday.

When Is the Montana Fair?

The Montana Fair starts the second weekend in August and lasts nine days. In 2023, the fair will take place from Friday, August 11 to Saturday, August 19.

Things to Do at the Montana Fair

You and your family will have so much fun while spending time together and experiencing MetraPark during the Montana Fair. There are many things to do at the fair, including:

  • Watch the rodeo and horse races.
  • Ride the diverse amusement park rides.
  • Walk around the art, craft and animal exhibits.
  • Listen to music performances.
  • Eat delicious fair and local food.

Reserve a campsite at Billings KOA Holiday

Reserve a Campsite at Billings KOA Holiday

Come to Billings KOA Holiday during your time in Montana for events at MetraPark or the Montana Fair. The campground has everything you need for a comfortable and fun camping experience. Plan your trip by booking a campsite at Billings KOA Holiday today!

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