Your Guide to Fishing the Bischoff Reservoir in Batesville

Your Guide to Fishing the Bischoff Reservoir in Batesville

When you want to go fishing near Batesville, Indiana, make sure you visit Bischoff Reservoir. The reservoir offers excellent fishing conditions that anglers of all levels will love.

Learn about fishing at Bischoff Reservoir — from the best times to fish to what you can catch.

Best Times to Fish at Bischoff Reservoir

You'll have plenty of space and areas to fish at Bischoff Reservoir. It's around 190 square acres, so you can travel to various sections to catch diverse species that call the water home.

Successfully catching fish depends on the time you go and the day's weather conditions. Early mornings around 1-3 a.m. are often peak activity times, but you could also visit the waters between 6-8 a.m. and later in the day.

Types of Fish in the Reservoir

Anglers can expect to find various species in the Bischoff Reservoir, including:

  • Largemouth bass
  • Smallmouth bass
  • White crappie
  • Channel catfish

Each fish type has regulations for how many you can catch at one time. For example, you can catch up to five largemouth and smallmouth bass per day, and they must have a minimum size of at least 14 inches. If you're catching white crappies, you can catch up to 25 fish daily, and there is no size limitation. Before heading off to the reservoir for the day, check the regulations because they can change daily.

Boat Regulations 

If you have your own boat, you must follow the regulations established by the city of Batesville when fishing at Bischoff Reservoir. Boats, pontoons and other watercraft must not exceed 30 feet in length, from bow to stern. The lake is also idle, so you can only drive at 6 mph at most.

Additionally, the city has the authority to prohibit or restrict boats as it sees fit if there is a public health or safety issue or if protection or improvement is necessary for the body of water.

Stay at Batesville KOA Journey While Fishing in Indiana

During your fishing trip, ensure you have a comfortable place to return to between your travels. Batesville KOA Journey makes the perfect base camp. Our campground is less than 10 minutes from Bischoff Reservoir, helping you get to the water early or later — whenever you'd like to go throughout the day. Bring your RV or tent for peaceful camping.

Are you ready to enjoy fishing near Batesville today to start preparing for your adventure?

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