Tips for Summer Camping in Batesville, Indiana

Tips for Summer Camping in Batesville, Indiana

Every season holds its own delights for camping enthusiasts. Summer is the time that many families venture to Batesville, Indiana, for a relaxed camping getaway. Thankfully, the weather never creeps too high, with temperatures teetering in the low 80s.

Yet whether you're tent camping or chugging along in an RV, planning ahead is important. Here are some tips and supplies to make your summer camping trip in Batesville, Indiana, more enjoyable. 

1. Dress for the Weather

Summers in Batesville, Indiana, are warm and humid. Be sure to pack for the weather and any recreational activities you plan to enjoy here. 

Some clothes you may want to bring include:

  • Lightweight, light-colored t-shirts.
  • Quick-drying shorts or pants.
  • Shoes suited to your plans, whether hiking, fishing or swimming. 
  • Layers for high and low temperatures.
  • Swimwear.
  • Outfits for outdoor recreation.

2. Keep Water Handy

Water is one of the most important supplies when summer camping. Dehydration can cause serious health risks, so aim to drink at least 64 ounces of water every day.

Water Pro Tips

Invest in an insulated water bottle or mug so your water stays cold all day. You can also freeze bottles or jugs of water ahead of time to rehydrate throughout your trip.

3. Ditch the Sleeping Bag

You don't need a 20-degree sleeping bag when the weather gets hot. In fact, you may want to ditch the sleeping bag altogether. Here are several alternatives that are far less sweat-inducing:

  • Fleece sleeping bag.
  • Cotton sheet and sleeping pad.
  • Camping hammock.

4. Bring Sun Protection

Bring plenty of sun gear to protect your skin and eyes from UV rays, such as:

  • Light, long-sleeved layers.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Hats.
  • Sunglasses.

5. Pick Your Spot With Care

Whether pitching your tent or bringing an RV, try to find a shady and breezy spot. The shade protects you from daytime heat exhaustion, and the wind is nature's air conditioning. 

6. Be Prepared for Rain Any Time of the Year

In the era of smartphones, we're never more than a click away from a weather forecast. Check ahead for rain predictions. Visitors to Batesville can expect a scattering of rainy days each summer month. Even if the forecast calls for sunny skies, be prepared with your waterproof gear and rain fly — just in case.

7. Invest in a Camping Fan

Do you struggle to sleep when the weather warms up? A battery-powered camping fan offers comfort in AC-free environments. Plus, this portable item easily folds up and stows away.

8. Deter the Pests

Don't let bugs ruin your summer camping trip. Pack plenty of bug spray, citronella outdoor candles or tiki torches to keep buzzing pests and itchy bites at bay.

Start Planning Your Summer Camping Trip to Batesville KOA Journey

Every great summer camping trip starts with an extraordinary campground. Enjoy our peaceful surroundings and fun-filled recreation options — reserve your stay at Batesville KOA Journey today!

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