General Campground Information


Happy Campers making memories!

Check-In & out; Office Hours

Check-In Time: 2 PM; Check-Out Time: 11 AM


Open Tuesday - Sunday
** 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM**

All non-registered guests must follow Check-in Guidelines located to the right of the front office door. Please check in the next time the office is open. Thank you in advance.

Camper Courtesy

Please do not walk or ride through other campsites. Quiet hours are 10PM to 8AM. This doesn't mean you have to go to bed at 10:00pm, but we want you to try to keep the noise down while our campers start to settle in for the night. Please be considerate of your neighbors around you. Everyone deserves a good night sleep!

Park Models/Cabins

All cabins and park models have a 2 night minimum. Holiday weekends are a 3 night minimum.


We do offer propane filling to all campers. Due to OSHA rules we can only fill portable tanks that are from March 2007 and newer. Propane tank age limit does not apply to built-in RV tanks.

Campfire Safety Information

All campfire pits must have a screen cover. All portable firepits must be 18 inches off the ground with a screen.

Please be aware of fire dangers, aka: high winds, dry bush.

Be sure to keep your hose handy at all times.


Open 24 hours for your convenience.


Limited WiFi. Available for browsing web, emails & social media. The use of gaming consoles (i.e XBox , PS4 ), streaming TV or movies may not be accessible.

Pool Hours

Opened Seasonally
May - November
10:00 AM - DUSK


Open 24 hours, except during cleaning times.


Enjoy our 60+ digital cable channels available at all sites.


Well behaved, indoor house pets are welcomed campers. EVERY TIME your pet (be it dog, cat, bird, iguana, etc.) goes outside, it must be on a leash with a person holding the other end of it!! We do not allow crates, pens, tie-outs, runners, or loose animals of any kind. Pet waste must be cleaned up immediately. Please do not walk pets on other people's campsites. Any pet causing noise, disturbance or generating complaints from other campers must be removed from the campground. The pet park may only be used by guests who are willing and able to clean up after their pets.

Meet Your Hosts

"Whether you're with family, friends or camping alone, it's always a memorable experience...start making new memories."

We welcome you to the beautiful Banning Stagecoach KOA.

These are our top 10 reasons why you should come visit us!

1. You get (Much) Closer to Nature.

2. It's a time to Unplug and Take a Break from your computer.

3. It's Completely Acceptable to go to bed at 9 P.M..

4. Starry Nights with New Friends.

5. It is a Relatively Inexpensive Getaway.

6. Sunsets and sunrises with Your Loved Ones.

7. It's a time to feel Free and Liberated.

8. Relax and get some Peace of Mind.

9. To try New Things and learn something New about Yourself.

10. A time to make New Memories.

Please enjoy your stay and we look forward to meeting you!