Summer 2023 Scavenger Hike Adventure

Summer 2023 Scavenger Hike Adventure

Jun 23 - Sep 30, 2023

The Fairlings and the Fireflies

Scavenger Hike Adventure

Summer 2023

When the fairlings visit their friends, the fireflies, they stumble across a group of trolls in the woods plotting something terrible! It's up to them to find the secret spell that will foil the trolls' latest scheme!

This self-guided hiking adventure will take you through our beautiful woodsy hiking trails as you hunt for objects, solve riddles, and leave gifts for the fairies that will help them on their journey to save the woods!

  • Scrapbook: Grab one of the scrapbook handouts and take lots of selfies on your adventures. Share on your social sites with #FairlingsFireflies
  • Campfire Story: Write your own campfire stories with our writing prompts handout. Read them aloud around the campfire with your favorite treats!

Get your adventure booklets at the front desk.

Make your reservations and enjoy this summer's enchanting hiking adventure!

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