5 Non-Essential Things You NEED in Your RV

5 Non-Essential Things You NEED in Your RV

5 Non-Essential Things You NEED in Your RV 

You know you can rough it when you're camping. But why not make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible?! Here are just a few things to consider adding to the cargo onboard. (Hint: They also make great gifts for camping enthusiasts!)

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Instant Pot

It’s all the craze—and for good reason. Super fast and healthy meals are yours in a flash with an instant pot on board. So many camping-friendly recipes are out there for your instant pot, here’s a list of some great ones to get you started!

Roasting Sticks

Forget hunting for sticks or having to store long, pointy skewers. Get a set of extendable roasting sticks for easy cooking around the campfire or yummy s’mores. They fold up and store nicely in a drawer. Here are some inexpensive ones to check out.

Camping Games

It’s always fun to have some great games that are reserved only for camping trips. You can also find downloadable and printable activity sheets on Pinterest, or find some inexpensive ones on Etsy, like this activity pack.

Awning or Patio Mat

A large awning or patio mat can make your camping life a lot easier. Stake it down outside the door to help keep the mud and dirt out of the RV.

Walkie Talkies

Well, okay, walkie talkies are just loads of fun, in the campsite and on a hike! So that's reason enough. But they’re also a good thing to have on hand for those times you can’t get a cell phone signal, especially on a hike, should your party get separated.

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Happy Camping!

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