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What are KOA Rewards points and how can I use them to save money on my KOA Reservations?

KOA Rewards Points are something that KOA Rewards account holders earn as they camp with KOA, and can be applied to their stay as dollars off the daily registration rate! It’s one of the ways KOA says thank you to our loyal KOA Rewards campers.

How do I use my points to get dollars off my stay?

You can use your points for a reward in conjunction with your 10%* off. The maximum reward that can be applied per stay is $50 (25,000 points). Let the front desk know that you have points that you would like to use and they will apply them during check-in, or you can use your points when booking a reservation online at The points are applied to your first night, and cannot be used for your deposit.

How do I earn rewards points?

Points are earned when you camp and apply your KOA Rewards account to your stay

  • Make your reservation online to earn 250 points
  • Pay the daily registration rate to earn points as follows on the charts below

The points you earn will be applied to your account within 48 hours of your checkout. The levels and their point values are below:

For KOA Rewards campers that purchased or renewed after Feb. 21st, 2023:

6,500 Camping Points = $10 Reward
15,000 Camping Points = $25 Reward
25,000 Camping Points = $50 Reward
Daily Site Charges
Daily Site Charges Base Points VIP Points (25% More)
$20 to $60 900 1,125
$60+ 1,300 1,625
Long-Term/Monthly Stays: 75 pts/day*

For KOA Rewards campers that purchased or renewed before Feb. 21st, 2023:

6,500 Camping Points = $10 Reward
15,000 Camping Points = $25 Reward
25,000 Camping Points = $50 Reward
Daily Site Charges
# of Points Earned $20.01 to $40.00 $40.01 to $60.00 $60.01+
Base (on daily site charges) 600 900 1,300
Bonus (at 6,500 points) 660 990 1,430
VIP (at 20,000 points) 750 1,125 1,625
Long-Term/Monthly Stays: 75 pts/day*

Why are the rewards points I earn different for my stays?

The points you earn are based on the daily registration rate and also reflect the level you are currently at within your account year.

Example: You stay for 3 nights and are at Base Level. The first 2 nights the daily site charges are $35.00; the third night is $41.00. The points earned for this stay would be 600+600+900=2,100. Refer to the points charts above based on when you purchased/renewed your KOA Rewards account (before or after Feb 21st, 2023).

Can I earn extra rewards points?

Yes! Make your reservation online and we'll automatically add 250 extra points to your account.

What is the difference between earned points for my account year and my total points?

The points you earn in your account year determine the level you earn your points at. The two levels are BASE & VIP**.

The total points you have are an accumulation of the points available for a reward. You keep your points as long as you keep your account active from year to year.

Example: You earn 8,250 in 2013 and do not use any rewards. Upon renewal in 2014, you camp enough to earn 16,100 points. Since your points from 2013 roll over to the next year, you have 24,350 total points towards a reward.

What does base, or VIP mean for my reward point earning?

Everyone starts out their account year at the BASE level. Reach 20,000 points in your account year and you become a VIP. At VIP level, points are earned at a 25% higher rate and KOA will renew your KOA Rewards account for the next year for free!**

Why didn’t I receive my full points when the campground offered a special promotion (hot deal)?

Anytime you use a discount other than your KOA Rewards 10%* off, or in conjunction with, the system handles the points differently because the rate you are paying is not the regular daily site charge. No points are awarded if the daily site charge is $20 or under per night.

Will I lose my rewards points if I don’t use them or if I do not renew my account?

Your points will keep accumulating and roll into the next year as long as you keep your KOA Rewards account active. Don't worry, we send out renewal notices via email and direct mail right to your home. Just renew within 59 days of your expiration date and you will keep your points.

Do I lose my points if I do not renew next year?

Yes, your points will only remain in your account if you renew and keep your account active.

* Applies to the daily registration rate. Not valid with special offers for weekly, monthly or seasonal rates, and cannot be combined with other offers. Check with specific KOA locations for details.

** IMPORTANT NOTE - if you purchased/renewed before Feb 21st, 2023, there is a legacy “BONUS” level once you reach 6,500 points, where you earn points at a 10% increased rate. KOA Rewards accounts purchased or renewed after Feb 21st, 2023 will have a simplified point structure and levels that do not include the “BONUS” level. Refer to the point-earning charts above for details.

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