Top 10 Attractions for Families in Yellowstone National Park

Top 10 Attractions for Families in Yellowstone National Park

Top 10 Must-See Attractions for Families in Yellowstone National Park

A family trip to Yellowstone is a phenomenal way to enjoy the great outdoors while learning about geology and a significant part of American history. Plenty of Yellowstone National Park activities appeal to kids and adults, so you can ensure the entire family has an outstanding time. From serene hiking trails to exciting geyser eruptions, this World Heritage Site is a remarkable destination for families.

If you're planning a Yellowstone National Park family vacation, you are in for a treat. Yellowstone is full of exciting activities and learning opportunities for the whole family. Make lasting memories with your loved ones with these fun things to do in Yellowstone National Park.

1. Old Faithful and Other Geysers

Yellowstone National Park's Upper Geyser Basin features several steam vents, bubbling mudpots, vibrant hot springs and active geysers. You and your family can walk along the area's flat boardwalks and watch as Old Faithful and its surrounding geysers shoot hot water toward the sky.

If you find Old Faithful fascinating, consider visiting Norris Geyser Basin to see the world's tallest geyser and the hottest basin in the park. You can also stop at Midway Geyser Basin to see the Grand Prismatic — one of the world's largest hot springs, filled with stunning rainbow colors.

2. Diverse Hiking Trails

Over 900 miles of hiking trails run through Yellowstone. The following trails are perfect for exploring Yellowstone with kids:

  • Yellowstone Lake Overlook: The Yellowstone Lake Overlook trail is perfect for exploring with little ones. This one- to three-hour hike takes you past thermal features and through beautiful forests and meadows until you reach a stunning view of Yellowstone Lake.
  • Trout Lake: The gentle Trout Lake trail is another trail perfect for adults and kids of all ages. This one- to two-hour hike takes you through a forest full of Douglas-fir trees until you reach an overlook of Trout Lake.
  • Chittenden Road to Mount Washburn: Hiking from the Chittenburg Road trailhead to Mount Washburn is a fantastic activity for a family with older children. During this three- to five-hour hike, you and your family may see Alpine vegetation, wildflowers and bighorn sheep.
  • Observation Peak: If you have teens or a family of adventure seekers, the Observation Peak trail offers a delightful challenge. This path starts at the Cascade Lake trailhead and proceeds through open meadows until you reach Cascade Lake. After taking in the views and spotting wildlife, you can continue the trail through a gorgeous whitebark pine forest.

3. Lamar Valley Wildlife

If you missed seeing the park's wildlife on the trails, you will have plenty more opportunities to catch a glimpse. From birds and reptiles to big mammals, Yellowstone's wildlife sightings offer a thrilling experience. Visit Lamar Valley to watch for the following species:

  • Bison
  • Elk
  • Bears
  • Deer
  • Wolves
  • Coyotes

Consider visiting Lamar Valley at daybreak to increase your chances of seeing wildlife. Park volunteers often share spotting scopes with visitors when they see different species in the valleys or meadows, so you may have a chance to look closer.

4. Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback riding is one of the most authentic ways to experience Yellowstone's history. Take a trail ride and soak in the views to see how the early settlers felt. Trail riding on a guided group tour is a memorable experience for children and adults, and it offers a fantastic way to learn more about Yellowstone. 

5. Fly-Fishing

Whether you have a family of anglers or want to try something new, fly-fishing is a rewarding way to experience Yellowstone. Many local companies offer family-friendly fly-fishing trips for individuals of all skill levels. Cast your line and see how many fish you can catch while creating unforgettable memories.

6. Lone Star Geyser Bike Trail

Yellowstone features several bike trails, and the Lone Star Geyser bike trail leads to a breathtaking view. This trail is mainly flat with a few slight inclines, and it ends at the Lone Star Geyser near a small creek. Starting at the trailhead east of the Kepler Cascades pullout, the Lone Star Geyser bike trail provides an exciting way to visit one of the park's less-crowded geysers.

7. Yellowstone Lake

Climb into a rented boat or kayak to experience Yellowstone Lake and see the surrounding wilderness from a new perspective. Glide through the lake's serene water and see if you can spot some wildlife by the shore.

8. Mammoth Hot Springs

Walk the boardwalk around Mammoth Hot Springs to explore this unique geothermal feature with kids of all ages. They can admire the orange-and-white rocks shimmering with water pumped up from the ground. You can stay on the Lower Terraces or take some steep stairs to the Upper Terraces.

9. The Junior Ranger Program

While kids can have a blast joining you on hikes and visiting natural wonders, some activities cater specifically to them. If you need things to do in Yellowstone with kids, the park's Junior Ranger program allows kids 4 years and up to earn official Junior Ranger badges.

You can find activity booklets at one of the park's visitor centers and help your little ones complete the exciting tasks around the park. These programs teach you and your kids about Yellowstone's animals, history and plants through hands-on activities.

10. Scenic Drives

Consider taking a scenic drive to see Yellowstone's spectacular wildlife and stunning views. Pack your car with snacks and drive along one of the park's scenic roads, stopping at designated areas to take in the fresh air or enjoy a picnic. You may witness a bison traffic jam along the way as the incredible mammals cross the road, which is the perfect time to snap some photos through your car window.

The following roads are perfect for a family drive through Yellowstone:

  • Grand Loop Road
  • Firehole Lake Drive
  • Firehole Canyon Drive
  • Blacktail Plateau Drive
  • Riverside Drive

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Yellowstone is full of exciting family-friendly activities. You can watch geysers shoot toward the clouds, hike through peaceful meadows, take in magnificent views and spot incredible wildlife in this gorgeous location.

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