The Country Roads & Covered Bridges of Lycoming County

The Country Roads & Covered Bridges of Lycoming County

When traveling to Pennsylvania, you are no doubt looking for unique attractions to add to your vacation itinerary. The covered bridges located in Lycoming County are something we recommend everyone sees on their next stay with us. They are a unique sight for anyone to see and well worth going out of your way to explore. Today we’re going to discover what the covered bridges are and how you can see them on your next visit to the local area.

What are the Covered Bridges of Lycoming County?

Lycoming County is a very popular tourist destination for those visiting Pennsylvania, and it’s the largest county in the state. Due to this, the covered bridges that we are going to discover today are spread out across the county, which means you can spend a whole day exploring them. Many of these bridges are absolutely stunning to see, especially those located in more rural areas. You’ll find that the ones in the north of the county are the most easily accessible, but we highly recommend traveling further south as well to see more of them. Let’s discover a few of the most popular bridges, all of which you should add to your route when exploring Lycoming County.

Buttonwood Covered Bridge

Dating back to approximately 1989, Buttonwood Covered Bridge can be found on Route 15 in the north of Lycoming County. It’s near to Tioga County and stretches about 70-feet long across the Blockhouse Creek. Cars are allowed to drive through the bridge, which is located in quite a rural area. It’s one of the most attractive bridges of the ones we’ll share today, which is why we highly recommend adding it to your list. You can see the bridge from Route 15 North, but you’ll need to exit off the highway in order to drive across it.

Cogan House Covered Bridge (Buckhorn Covered Bridge)

Another rural bridge that you’ll want to travel to in Lycoming County is Cogan House Covered Bridge. You will have to go out of your way to see this bridge, but it’s well worth it. It’s located in a very peaceful spot, which is ideal for taking a break during your adventures in the area. This bridge was built all the way back in 1877, and you’ll find that it’s both the longest and oldest of the covered bridges in the county. It travels across Larrys Creek and has a long and fascinating history. Make sure you don’t miss this one on your day out, as it’s consistently rated one of the most beautiful of the bridges in the area.

Lairdsville Covered Bridge

Sometimes known as either Fraser Covered Bridge or Moreland Covered Bridge, you’ll need to travel to the south-east of Lycoming County to Moreland Township to see this bridge. The location of the bridge is lovely, with farms and hills surrounding it. We recommend packing a picnic and taking your lunch break here if time allows, as the setting is one of our favorites of the bridges shared here today. You can drive over this bridge, but you are better off parking in one of the spots located here and taking a walk and photos on foot.

Other Covered Bridges to Explore

These are just a few of our favorite covered bridges in Lycoming County, but that’s not the full extent of the options on offer. In Wellsboro and Columbia County you’ll find other bridges to explore, which are just a short drive from some of the ones we’ve featured above. As you can tell, you will need a full day if you want to see all of the bridges in the area, as you typically need to travel between 20 and 40 minutes to go from one to another. We recommend packing your lunch for your day out, so you don’t get caught without food and drink while exploring these picturesque bridges.

Lycoming County is somewhere that everyone should consider visiting when staying with us in Pennsylvania. The covered bridges here are a unique tourist attraction which visitors of all ages will appreciate seeing on their vacation. You can combine a day out exploring these bridges with some of the other top tourist attractions, keeping kids and adults alike entertained for a full day. Try to pick a sunny and pleasant day for the best photos and a good chance to explore the bridges by car and foot. It’s one of our favorite things to do in the state and a day out we are sure you’ll remember long after your vacation is over.

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