Beautiful Vineyards & Great Wine in Williamsport, PA

Beautiful Vineyards & Great Wine in Williamsport, PA

Wine lovers will be spoiled for choice when staying in Williamsport, PA, as there are some fantastic wineries for you to visit during your vacation. Our team has taken the time to explore many of these local wineries, sampling their unique wines and supporting local businesses at the same time. Today we’re going to share with you some of our favorite wineries near Williamsport, all of which we’d recommend visiting during your stay here.

Four Friends Vineyard and Winery

While Four Friends Vineyard and Winery started off with just a small vineyard, it has grown over the years, thanks to the help of some great local friends. Each year, they add more vines to the location, allowing them to produce a wide range of wines to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether you are looking for an extra dry wine or a sweet wine that’s perfect for a summer picnic, they’ll be here to help you find the perfect option. The vineyard is open all year round, so we highly recommend stopping off here no matter when you are next visiting Williamsport.

Fero Vineyards and Winery

Chuck and Daneen Zaleski are the owners of Fero Vineyards and Winery, which started off as a dream of being able to sit and sip wine while overlooking the vines that created it. Their wines act as a reflection of their land, hometown, and family, and they are passionate about sharing their love for wine with visitors from across the state and the country. The vineyard itself overlooks Lewisburg and you’ll find it’s a beautiful site to visit. Throughout the year, they offer events and tasting room experiences, allowing you to educate yourself more about the winemaking and tasting process. In general, they focus on creating cool climate wines, such as Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Pinot Noir, and you’ll find a wide selection of wines on offer in their store.

Bastress Mountain Wine

Williamsport in located in Lycoming County, which is home to a stunning collection of covered bridges and is a great place to explore. When traveling around the area, we recommend a stop at Bastress Mountain Winery, which has been in operation since 2001. It offers some of the region’s top wines, as well as local gifts and souvenirs that are perfect for impressing your friends and family back home. If you are traveling to Williamsport to celebrate a special occasion, you could even consider booking their banquet facility to host your event, offering you a fantastic location and excellent hospitality for any occasion.

Oregon Hill Winery

Travel out to the village of Oregon Hill during your stay with us to experience the Oregon Hill Winery. The journey here is just as exciting as the destination, with the beautiful mountains of north central Pennsylvania surrounding you as you travel this way. Over the years, the winery has won over 50 national and international awards for its wines and champagnes, which are some of the best you’ll taste in the local area. Each year, they offer a new selection of wines, so there’s always something different to experience, even if you’ve been here many times before.

Spyglass Ridge Winery

Tom and Tammy Webb are the owners of Spyglass Ridge Winery, which is another of our favorite local businesses to support. When they started the business, they hand-planted 20,000 grape vines, and at the time, they would sell the grapes to other winemakers. Since that time, they’ve expanded their business and brought the wine production process in-house, creating small batches of wine for themselves to begin with before expanding their operations. The winery now welcomes guests from throughout the state and country, and the couple love sharing their expertise and knowledge with new visitors. They host a range of events and functions here throughout the year, so there’s always something new to see and do when you next visit.

These amazing wineries near Williamsport, PA, are all worth visiting when you are next in the area. After a busy day of hiking or exploring, they are a great option for a relaxing drink before heading back to our site for the night. We love supporting local businesses, and these wineries are great examples of companies that are truly passionate about sharing their unique offerings with the world. Are you planning a visit to Williamsport, PA, in the near future? If so, our team will be on hand at any time to answer your questions about staying with us or finding unique things to do in the local area.

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